Download 3d models for design, 3d-printing and game-dev

On this website you will be able to download any 3D models you can think of. There are models of every imaginable thing here, and you can find characters, architecture, animals, monsters and more!

You will be able to download these 3D models for free, and use them for any purpose. Most of our users save them for creating 3D movies and adding them to games.

Most of the models on our site are available in the .max format, which makes it possible to open them in 3DS Max. But there are also lots of meshes and textures for Blender, Maya and other renderers. There are many objects in the FBX and OBJ formats too.

All the meshes are rigged and prepared for animation. Many are hi-poly, which means, they are photorealistic and smooth, and can be used with V-Ray and Corona. Almost all the models are available with textures. But there are also many low-poly models to use in games. They work with Unity and Unreal engine.

A separate category exists for STL models, for 3D-print.

Get thousands of three dimensional objects for your inspiration!

On this site you will be able to find any 3D model you can think of. There are multiple sections that you can download from, and each has a separate meaning and a separate array of available models for download.

The first is 3D-printing models. They are provided in the STL format, and are pretty high resolution. There are models of people, weapons, cars and even 18+ nude models of girls and guys. You will be able to download them and start printing right away.

The rest of the models on our site are provided in OBJ, FBX and 3DS formats, and they can be used in video games, 3D movies, rendering and anywhere else you want. These models are all divided amongst a number of categories that make searching for them much easier.

The first section in this list is architecture models. These meshes include buildings, both cityscapes and small cozy cottages. There are also many meshes of roads, benches, streetlights and other props that will help you build a realistic environment.

The next is internal decorations. This is the place to get all the misc for home, such as windows, carpets, curtains and other small things that did not fit in the other categories.

Now in the furniture category you will find lots of the most diverse furniture. You will see tons of sofas, chairs, tables and many other things to decorate your home. The furniture is of many different styles, and there will be both simple and very expensive-looking furniture there.

In the next section you will see lots of light fixtures with the most diverse designs. The lamps can be place on tables, ceilings or the floor, and they are all ready to work with Vray and Corona rendering.

There is a whole section devoted to kitchen, and in it you will see lots of meshes for food and drinks., with texturing and beautiful detail. There are also lots of meshes for utensils, tables, sinks and other things that make up a full kitchen.

The next section gives you all the best bathroom models, with beautiful bathtubs, showers, Jacuzzi and more. Misc such as faucets, shampoo and other small things is also included in this section.

Child room. This is the section for all the things you may put in the kids’ room, such as toys, kid furniture, cribs and other similar things.

In the next section you will see the technology models. This is a section for all the meshes of computers, phones, televisions, household machinery and more. This is an important section to visit if you are modeling a modern home.

Plants – in this section you will find all the models of plants, both the potted ornamental ones and wild plants. There are flowers, bushes and trees in this section.

The characters section is one of the most interesting and complex, since here you will find fully textured and detailed models of humans, video game characters, animals, monsters and more. All the characters are animated and ready to take part in any animation or movie you make.

Vehicles – in this section you will be able to find the best meshes of any imaginable vehicle – from sports cars to military war machines. All of the models here are animated, textured and can be inserted into a video or game. There are also boats, airplanes, bikes and even robots in this section.

And lastly, there is the section labeled “other models”. Here you will find lots of the most diverse models – clothes, tools, weapons, musical instruments and much more. All the models that did not find their home elsewhere go into this diverse section for other models. If you were unable to find the model you were looking for, then it is probably in this category.