Table + Chair

Table and chairs form an integral part of any interior, and can be either a single set, or independent items that are not in the same set. If the room design project is entrusted to professional designers, the choice of texture and shape of furniture is thought through from the beginning. In this case, there is no need to independently select items and worry about their harmony in the interior. You can find ready-made table + chair sets on our website and download them for free. They are made in popular formats MAX, OBJ, FBX, so you can easily use them when creating your own architectural project in rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya and others.

Download 3D models of table + chair set

So before you plunge headfirst into the variety of options for tables and chairs, you need to determine the purpose of this furniture and where it will be located. Then it is necessary to calculate the expected space allocated to the combination of table and chair. And only after all that you may begin scrolling through our catalog to find a suitable option for yourself. In this subsection of our website you can find the following sets:

  • Tables and chairs with a traditional shape – square or rectangle of any size. This is standard forms, which can be used in different room styles, without compromising the harmony of the interior.
  • The round table is suitable for spacious rooms or for premises in the modern style. In a large living room the great oval model with a set of special chairs will also look decent.
  • Dining or working tables of triangular or trapezoidal shape are most often used for installation in the corner, thereby significantly saving space in small kitchens or working areas of the room. However, such a non-traditional form can also be an independent element of decor in a modern style. The standard correct form of the chair is determined by its main purpose – It can be just a place to sit or something special and unique, completing the decorative purposes. Throughout the history of furniture manufacturing, the chair has undergone a lot of changes – following the fashion and imagination of craftsmen.

In our catalog we tried to collect ready sets of chairs and tables of different epochs and styles to please even the most fastidious customer.

The length and width of the table will depend entirely on the capacity of the room, as well as on the number of participants. For each person sitting at the table you need to calculate the place a little more than half a meter of horizontal surface – keep it in mind when you will create your own 3D interior design. This exact distance will allow you to arrange all the individual cutlery so the person will be setting comfortably without interfering anyone. You can find all the above 3D table options on our website.