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In this subsection of our site of 3Ds Max models you can find a large collection of quality meshes of different items that were not included in other sections of our online store for one reason or another. All items are made in different styles and completely free. Models of various household, decorative items are created by real masters of the design, which means that they are all traced to the smallest detail, and the finished product will look like a truly work of art. They can be made on a CNC machine and 3D printer from different materials: plastic, MDF, wood and so on.

Download other 3D models: clothing, sports, medical, musical, weapons and more

All the 3D files in this category can be scaled up and down as you wish. You may check them by looking at the preview or go right through by clicking on them. All our 3D subjects can be reduced or increased to a reasonable extent if needed – customer can do it by himself with Blender application. Despite the fact that it is quite simple, we are sure that you will definitely be able to find a three-dimensional model to your liking. So that you like it in every way: color, size, textures, etc. In this section you can download almost any model you can possibly think of. Since this is where you can find all kinds of stuff that does not fit into certain categories, you can expect here like anything – we think you will be pleasantly surprised! The “Other” section is really all sorts of things. Here you can find incredible models of space hi-tech weapons, as well as different clothes for the characters. The list is constantly growing, so it makes sense to add our site to bookmarks in your browser to visit it regularly. In this way, you can always be in touch with all the new items that appear on our resource. You never know when you might need a 3D model from the “Other” category. You can use them as a reference if you're a designer, or you can also release them on a 3D printer – It is only up to you. All meshes are completely free, as well as registration on our site.

By the way, a separate hello to sports fans. We think some of our visitors may have been disappointed not to see the entertainment and sports category on our site. We're happy to tell you - it's there, and lots and lots of content is regularly added to it. It's just in the "Other" category. If you hover your mouse over it on the main page, you will see a small menu with various subcategories. That's where you'll find everything related to sports and entertainment. You'll see all kinds of sports equipment: soccer balls, golf clubs, helmets, goals - just about anything. You can find out more about all this if you go to this section.

If we try to differentiate and concretize the "Other" category at least a little bit, it will be possible to find a lot of projects devoted to the house or its decoration among other things. Household items look simply chic in the interior, invariably pleasing to the eye. They do create a unique atmosphere, emphasize individual style and exquisite taste of the owner. In our catalog of 3D models, you can choose items in different style solutions – for every taste and purse. And remember, all objects on our site are completely free, there is no need to worry about money. Just try them out by downloading!

We have models of objects presented in the most popular format STL, as well as in other formats suitable for CNC machines and 3D printers like OBJ, FBX and much more. All the meshes can be used in Blender.