Metal textures

The textures you will find in this subsection of our catalogue are metal seamless textures. They include elements with screws, bolts, metal seams, solid plates, sheets with holes. You can download them completely free of charge. You do not even need to register. All the content on our website is PBR and PNG in resolutions from 4K to 8K. You can use the downloaded textures in any popular rendering application like Photoshop, 3ds Max, Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine. Add our site to your browser bookmarks so you will not miss the latest and most relevant content!

Free download Hi resolution seamless metal PBR textures

We have really great content for you in this section of the catalogue. Here we have rusted and corroded textures (in addition to the metal sheets in their normal state). Choose them to recreate your design idea! For example, to cover the texture of a staircase. They are simply.

Great for web design. You can also use them as a desktop background. These textures are used in Photoshop and other graphic editors. There you can refine them at any time if you want.

Metal textures also come in handy for a filler, if you want to set the background of the site. Metal in most cases looks raw and self-contained. But our textures are an exception. They can take your creativity to the next level, and become the basis for vivid, extraordinary projects. If you need a backdrop for a realistic and elaborate metallic design, our collection of textures is right at your service.

Incidentally, worn, battered or scratched metal textures can be ideal for 3D modelling and game-level design. Feel free to implement these textures in any design solution! It is really only limited by your imagination here. You can use the textures for graphic design, web development, Photoshop work, 3D rendering or even as a background.

If you are thinking of designing a room, look no further than brass, copper, iron, chrome or aluminum. Our catalogue has them all.

The main rule is balance. Steel, iron and chrome are used for zoning, to accentuate the decor in combination with more common finishing materials: wood, plaster, wallpaper, tiles etc. Try to follow this rule, steel details will make the whole room look cold and lifeless.

If the room is going to be well-lit (there will be plenty of light in your design project), feel free to show off the cooler shine, but complement it with warm textures in textiles and wood. If the space is small, just two or three decorative steel accents are sufficient. Do not go overboard.

Metal textures have gradually become quite prominent in the design industry. They are used in a whole range of areas – from branding to illustration. Try combining metal backgrounds in Photoshop or overlaying them to accentuate certain areas of work.

So, in this category you will find a collection of high-quality metal textures for Photoshop, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Vray, and Corona. They will help to give a metallic feel to your projects. Below you will find many metal textures, including matte and fluted, rusted, scratched, aluminum and more. These textures are ideal for adding visual interest and detail to your projects.