It is the hallway that welcomes guests, creates the first impression of the house. And if this room is dark and cluttered, then even the comfort and spaciousness of the rest of the house will not be able to help correct the situation. The furniture in the hallway, even the smallest and tiny, is also a must. It is here that we put our shoes on, put on outerwear, and leave our umbrella, hat, and house keys. This should always be taken into account when creating a three-dimensional architectural design. You can download 3d models of various decorative elements and ready sets of furniture in one, harmonious style from our website in OBJ, FBX, BLEND, etc. You will be able to work with the downloaded material in any popular 3D rendering application. For example, in the utility Maya, Vray, Corona, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc. All our content is free and available without registration.

3D models of hallways – free download

Even the smallest room can accommodate a comfortable multifunctional set, which often includes a shoe cabinet (usually with a bench on top), open coat rack (which will not be attached to the wall) and one a chest with sections. It will be enough to furnish a hallway. Here are few important tips before you start working on a 3D room project:

  • It is worth choosing light colors in the room if you do not have any windows here. Light gray or beige walls will make the hallway a little lighter, add cheerfulness. Gloomy or dark colors are just out of place and will turn the premise into a cramped warehouse that you will want to leave as soon as possible – no doubts here.
  • Every thing needs its own place. Decorating the hallway, do not forget that there should be a place for the intercom. Also, it is worth remembering to provide a shelf for handbags and a chest for shoes and hats and so on. Then each thing will be stored in a certain place and you will not have to spend a lot of time looking for gloves or an umbrella. The hallway will also look neat and attractive in this case. In a cramped room, you need to use every square centimeter, even in hard-to-reach places. If there are remaining empty space above the hanger – you should definitely take it another shelf or mezzanine, which will allow to put a lot of items that are not used right now (during this or that season) like summer sandals. Even the empty space above the front door can be occupied by a custom-made narrow shelf. Just take a look at our catalog. We are sure that you will find accessories that will fit your architectural project well. We have ready-made living room presets as well as various items like hangers, hats, umbrellas and even a bicycle that can be mounted on the wall in order to decorate the room and make it look real.
  • Multifunctional pieces of furniture can also help save space in the hallway. For example, a bench that also serves as a shelf for shoes and a niche for baskets with useful little things – include it in your project, and the customer will definitely be satisfied.