Wall light

In recent years, designers have increasingly favoured trendy modern wall sconces in interiors. This type of lighting has not only a practical but also a decorative function. They are great for recreating a beautiful room in an architectural project. You can find various wall lights in our catalogue. They are all uploaded in the popular and popular OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND and other formats. They are compatible with 3D rendering applications, so you can easily recreate the interior design of your dreams by downloading the models from us. Everything is absolutely free. You don't even need to register. Simply click on the tab with the model, then select one of the three links and download the content you want. Use it in Vray, Corona, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D!

Download 3D models of wall lights

Modern wall lights differ in many ways: in shape, textures, dimensions, etc. In our catalogue you can find wall lights of all main types:

  • Wall sconces with a lamp shade mounted on a bracket – the main advantage of such lighting fixtures is its compactness.
  • Hanging wall lights – these light sources have movable and stationary parts. Usually they are mounted in plasterboard walls or panel surfaces with a gap.
  • Overlapping luminaires – each such luminaire can have its own set direction of illumination. This type is best suited for zoning the space of a room and adding some highlight to the design.

Decorating a room is a painstaking and creative job. There are details that are purely decorative, and then there are those that perform a practical function as well. Wall lights can be used to bring your interior design to life. If you are going to create an interior architectural design, consider the following tips for each room:

  • Hallway – take lighting things for the hallway very seriously, as this is a room that rarely sees natural light. Lighting in this room should be bright, but yet soft and distributed.
  • Bedroom – bedroom wall lights are usually represented as double ones. They are installed on either side of the headboard. The lights should be installed within walking distance of the bed.
  • Bathroom lights – the main focus of light in the bathroom should be on mirrors. Fixtures are most often installed at the edges of the mirror for this purpose. In addition, this type of light makes it possible to delimit and additionally illuminate the most demanded areas of the room. They can also be used to replace an ordinary chandelier and recreate a more complex and interesting vibe in the premise.