In this category you can find a variety of smartphone models to suit all tastes. Most of the 3d models in this subsection are real-life iOS and Android phones. The iPhone is available in almost all generations, from the old third generation to the latest 13. Also in this category you can find old and vintage phones that are suitable for interior design and architectural project creation in Vray, Corona, 3ds Autodesk Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and other applications. You can download all the content from our website absolutely for free and without registration. All items are presented in OBJ, FBX, BLEND, MAX format.

Download 3D models of phones

Sooner or later, phones in everyone's home becomes a really necessary item that is difficult to fit into a familiar interior. It may even seem ugly sometimes. If you are going to decorate an architectural 3D project with a landline phone, we are now going to look at three ways to fit this decorative object neatly into your home. If you have not downloaded a landline phone yet, but are just about to, the best option is to go for a retro style 3D home phone mesh from our website. These models with an interesting design will work well in many interiors. For example, a white telephone with gilding or painted flowers is perfect to stand on a coffee, bedside table or a rarity chest of drawers. It is just perfect if you are creating an architectural design for the room of a lovely lady.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to appreciate solid phones in black and brown-oak tones framed in gilt or bronze. Such a piece will complement an austere study or a home library with pleasure.

Try to play around with the interior elements so that they match the phone as closely as possible. According to our designers' observations the best company of a landline phone will be flowers in pots/vases or books. Their 3D models, by the way, are also on our site, but in other sections.

If the phone is bright (pink, turquoise, etc.), place it on a table of a calm colour. White for example. If the phone is black or white, try to find for it a contrasting shade of desk and wallpaper in the room, in this case the eye-catching objects should stand beside it.

But that is all about design and fitting the phone into the interior of the architectural design. With these tips, you can definitely place an antique, vintage or just a classic phone in the room. You can also use a more modern model in a high specification interior so you can accentuate the general trend towards the modern in a room, which can be very appealing to some people.