Organic textures

The organic textures that you can find on our website in this section are what will come in handy the most if you intend to develop a design project that will include living flesh and blood creatures. Here you can find and download free skin and organ textures. They are made in PNG and JPG formats, so they are fully compatible with utilities like Unity and Unreal Engine and others. Usually, organic textures are used to fill human and animal models in video games, but you can use them in many different ways. It all depends on your imagination!

Free download organic PBR textures

Painting a realistic texture may sound complicated, but it really comes down to one thing: detailing it layer by layer. Instead of detailing and painting each texture yourself, you can turn to the catalogue on our website. Professional designers have developed each texture with all the necessary standards and requirements, so you cannot doubt their quality. All the textures are presented in resolutions from 4K to 8K. The key to success in creating organic surfaces is to recreate these details one by one carefully in Photoshop, and then blend in the layers to create the final result. This simplifies the process, and also means you can use those layers to superimpose them on all your subsequent textures – which means that, in fact, some texture details can also be used to create wood, dirt and other organic surfaces. Here too, it is all down to your imagination, and only your imagination.

In our catalogue, besides skin and organ textures, you can also find coral textures and other abstract organics. The second type of textures would be perfect for, for example, horror and biopunk games, where you need to create a special emphasis on the environment.