Floor textures

Seamless floor texture is an opportunity to make the background beautiful, sleek and unobtrusive. Such pictures can serve as an original and stylish addition to completely different projects in terms of their purpose. You can view all the available items in our catalogue right here. You can download all the content absolutely free and without registration. Each file has been created by professionals and has been checked for the absence of viruses or any other malware. These files are available in JPG format, so you can easily modify them (of course, if you have the skills) in applications like Photoshop, 3ds Max, Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. Add our site to your browser bookmarks, so you will not miss all the latest updates.

Download Hi Quality seamles floor PBR textures

Do not underestimate the simplicity of floor textures – these images can play with new, bright colors if wisely intertwined with other design elements.

Parquet owes its origin to Europe during the Middle Ages. In the old noblemen's houses, floors were lined with beautifully sanded planks made from a wide variety of wood blocks. By the way, in those times they were used to form not only the usual symmetric flooring, but also to create different expositions with ornamental patterns. Thus, by the period of the beginning of the Renaissance, the parquet became a compulsory attribute in castles and family country estates.

Today parquet flooring is something that reminds people of quiet, measured everyday life, of family and home.

Parquet texture is a great choice for designer, because it can be used not only in design or game projects, but also in Photoshop – for filling contours and frames. Of course, this does not only apply to the textures of the parquet. We are also talking about the floor textures, which you can find on our website a lot. This can be as stone, brick, and many, many other variations.

You can easily download any set of textures you like on our site. As a reminder, you can do it for free and you will be given three links to download (you can click on any of them). Also, each item in the catalogue is available for a preview, so you can first assess whether the texture suits you or not, and only then decide whether to download it. The JPG format, in which almost all of our content is made, is convenient and familiar to almost any user. It is suitable for most well-known design programs, so feel free to download it – you will not go wrong here.