Road, pavement textures

Asphalt, road and pavement textures are something every designer or game developer could use. You can use them to create a really interesting industrial style project. They're also great for complementing a location in a particular video game. You can download asphalt and pavement textures from our website for free and without registration. All our content is presented in high resolution (minimum 2K) in PNG or JPG formats. It is PBR. You can freely use the downloaded images in such utilities as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender and others.

Free download seamless PBR textures: road, street, pavement

Here, right in this section of our catalogue, you can download seamless asphalt and pavement textures for free. There are also many elements of street roads, such as various stone linings and bricks. All the content on our site is created by professionals, so you can be sure of its quality. Everything has been checked to be free of viruses and malware.

Asphalt textures and templates add an effect of presence to the surface of the object, making it more tangible. Such textures are key elements in any graphic design to create high quality road or street backgrounds.

If you're creating a world with an urban setting, you can hardly do without asphalt textures. This is the only way to make your graphics look realistic and believable. Our high-resolution materials are ready to help you with this issue.

Road and asphalt textures can be implemented in game projects where different street 3D models are needed. For example, dark and gray asphalt is always good for demonstrating roads. The dense layer of material that lies on the road surface is usually an asphalt texture. You can fill objects from your design project with these textures. It is relatively easy to do - you first need to download the background (using one of the three links that are on a separate texture page), then open it in an editor that supports JPG or PNG format (that is, virtually all editors) and do some work.

If you have downloaded a texture from our site and find it transparent, you can use it as a background for your website or blog.

Here is the list of our asphalt textures:

  • Seamless asphalt;
  • Gravel road;
  • Colored asphalt;
  • Cracked asphalt;
  • Rough asphalt;
  • Dirty asphalt;
  • Road markings;
  • Blue bricks;
  • Red bricks.

Our collection of asphalt textures are templates that are in demand from designers who want to make a really unique and interesting work. This section of our catalogue has almost every type of asphalt texture in good resolution and quality.

High-resolution textures are a staple in the resource palette for any graphic designer or 3D animator. With seamless textures you can interleave it indefinitely and still get a quality look and no blurring. That is what PBR is all about.

Our list of asphalt pavement textures helps in the development of your designs. Feel free to download and use these textures and even modify them to suit your project needs.