Marble & granite textures

Marble seamless textures are ideal for designing websites and houses, creating indoor flooring, covering various interior elements with them, as well as decorative finishes. To create a more photorealistic exterior, a glossy or matt reflection effect can be applied. On our website you can find different textures of marble and granite, which are great not only for creating an architectural project, but also for creating a video game. You can download all the content for free and without registration. The marble and granite textures on our website are in PNG (PBR) format with 4K-8K resolution. They are ideal for such rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Maya, 3ds Max and others.

Download marble and granite PBR textures for free!

In this section you can download a seamless marble texture for 3D design in a variety of colors. For example, as black, white, brown, grey and others. All textures are available for download in high quality. To get it on your PC, just click on it during the preview mode on our website. You'll be able to open the texture in any graphics editor that supports the PNG format. That would include Photoshop and others, of course.

When deciding to combine marble and granite in a design project, you should consider that they are different in texture. The textures of marble have veins and spots, while granite has a pronounced porous structure. In order for the two stones to complement each other harmoniously, the right texture must be chosen – It must be the same. With this in mind, you can proceed with the choice of texture, which will be perfect with the other exactly in the particular treatment.

But it is not really necessary to match the shade and color.

Marble and granite, which are different from each other, look much more advantageous. This way, they can complement the overall design and allow the light to shine in. This will create an effect of interesting iridescence and will ennoble the interior.

Although granite and marble were predominantly used in antiquity, they have not lost their relevance today. These materials are used extensively in art and design projects, which is why we have created a whole section dedicated to them. The properties of these materials will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if one likes a variety of factors and a wide range of colors. Marble and granite have recently been used very frequently in interior design, thus demonstrating their luxury and richness compared to other materials. They are used more often in hotels, banks, museums and exhibition spaces.

The use of such stones in interiors has become quite widespread. Textures of marble and granite can be used to cover the surfaces of a room. What is more, they can also be used to fill in elements of the interior itself – furniture. Marble and granite can be used in various interior styles – from classic to modern.