Leather textures

Leather and suede are the most popular types of leather textures. In our catalogue you can find a variety of seamless images with, for example, a snakeskin pattern. But that is not all. In addition to the exotic, we also have more down-to-earth options with monochrome and natural colors. All of these are in 4K and 8K resolution and made by real professionals. You can download all the content from our website completely free of charge and without registration. It is suitable for use in modern rendering applications such as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Unity and Unreal Engine. The files are filled in PNG format.

Free download seamless PBR textures of leather

Our collection contains leather textures in a variety of colors. These range from something more or less bright in the form of blue to something dark, maybe even gloomy. You can open our catalogue and get a closer look at all the items. If something interests you, just click on the item and you will be taken to a separate page with it, where you can examine it in detail. This separate page will provide plenty of additional information in the form of a description, file format, several download links, etc.

So, what can we say about leather textures else? After all, their variety has no limits at all, and so very often designers use this limitless resource in their projects, combining and creating effects, and bringing to life the most original ideas. Yes, you can apply these elements in those programs that are necessary for you, but the most common among them will be Photoshop – and this is actually quite convenient. In any case, the main thing is not only to find and download the texture you are looking for, but also to be able to use it correctly, improving your project. If you want to get some advice on a texture you have downloaded, just drop us a line. You can do that by going to the "Contact Us" tab on the main website.