Initially, sofa was called a wide low couch with a small back and a lot of cushions. Now modern sofa is kind of furniture, which is distinguished by a wide hard seat, fancy back and armrests flush with it. As a piece of an interior, they came to us from the East. Initially, sofa was a traditional piece of furniture in the Turkey. Now it is a familiar piece of furniture in many countries on all the continents. You can find a variety of models of sofas in different sizes and styles on our site. They are made in OBJ, FBX and BLEND formats by professional designers. You can download them completely free and without registration. It is possible to use these 3D models of sofas to create your own architectural project. You can download all the content absolutely free and without registration. Add our website to your browser bookmarks!

Download 3D models of sofas for architectural scenes

Sofa, made in the classic style, is suitable for most design decisions. High-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian direction, popular nowadays Provence – for all these options a similar piece of furniture can be a great addition. It will also fit perfectly into the room with elements of Oriental. Such a sofa can be a convenient and beautiful addition to the design of the hallway or kitchen. It does not take up much space and can be used in conditions of limited area.

The most suitable option for the children's room is a sofa in bright colors or with interesting patterns on the back or cushions. Models without a backrest will fit organically into the space of the modern interior. Such a sofa has a comfortable, but yet not too wide sleeping place and often complemented by cushions of different sizes or a full-length roller. On our site you just can find sofas that are designed to be unfolded as well. Our content is made by professionals with anatomic accuracy, so it will be possible to implement each project IRL if you want to.

Options without armrests will perfectly complement the space of the living room, children's room and even the kitchen. Such furniture always looks modern. Due to the absence of armrests, the sofa will take up less space in the room. Even with the most uncomfortable layout of the room there will always be a small corner or a suitable niche in which couch will fit just perfectly.

Quite often in the design of 3D models you can find models with a woven rattan texture. They have a beautiful, light appearance and do not clutter the space. Such furniture is often used to create outdoor and garden interiors. By the way, we have a whole catalog dedicated to furniture for terraces and gardens – check out the other sections and see for yourself!

Furniture pieces with wooden armrests are also very comfortable and cozy looking. With their assistance, creating a rather original and interesting design will be easy as that. To complement the appearance of these structures, try to apply some decor: plushies, plaids, beautiful bedspreads and so on. Just to give them completeness and make a noticeable interior element. Take a walk through our catalog and you are sure to find different models of sofas and couches for every taste and color. All completely free!