TV Wall

The living room is considered the most comfortable and beautiful place in the house, so its modern design is impossible to imagine without such an important piece of equipment as a TV. In order for the family to get together in the evenings to comfortably watch the news, movies or TV shows, it is necessary to properly plan the interior of the room and conveniently install a screen. To date, there are many ways to install equipment for the living room, but especially popular are walls under the TV. You can find beautiful 3d models of TV walls for every taste and color. They are all made in OBJ and FBX formats, fully compatible with modern rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max and Blender. You can download all the content on our website for free and without registration.

Download 3D models of TV walls

This type of furniture not only fits harmoniously into the overall appearance of the room, but also fills it with a special atmosphere of home. There are different types of TV walls existing. In addition to a special niche for the device, they are also additionally equipped with various compartments like shelves and cabinets, where you can easily place things like speakers, tuners, various magazines or books.

Thanks to this, the wall construction can be used in different ways. For example, to store things in it, saving the space of the living room. Or to cover an empty space in the room. In addition, a rich selection of 3D models makes it rather easy to pick up a wall for any style of living room design.

In modern models you can also find unusual combinations of sections, such as a TV stand and decorative cabinets. Furniture size and depth of the niche for equipment are chosen depending on the size of the set. 3D scenes on our site are realistic as much as it is possible. You can easily download something from our catalog and then bring it to life. All our content is made by real experts – professional designers, so all dimensions of the objects are taken into account.

Among the huge selection of furniture in recent times, mini-walls under the TV are in great demand. We took this into account, so we tried to add to our catalog as many meshes of TV walls with a corner configuration as possible. They look beautiful in the room and take up a minimum of space, so you can arrange a lot more different furniture in your architectural project.

An important point when choosing a wall with a TV is considered a color picking. The overall appearance of the room depends on it. The color scheme is selected based on the size of the room, the style of the interior and the prevailing vibes. On our site you can find three-dimensional models in three main types of color combinations:

  • Monochrome – In this combination, all items in the room are selected in the same color, but in different shades. For example, brown would be in excellent harmony with gray. It can also be complemented by white or black instead. The creation of several bright transitions is allowed, but everything should remain in moderation. This is the main criterion for creating a good interior.
  • Harmonious – here we are talking about different, but still similar colors (in terms of harmony). A pair of blue and green or red and orange will look just fine.
  • Contrasting – such a combination consists of absolutely different shades, but complementary to each other in harmony. For example, yellow with blue or green with purple. As a rule, the design in such colors is preferred by creative and active people. So if you are one of those, check out the three-dimensional projects in our library!

Of course, there are others color combinations existing – we expected only the small part. To see them all, just scroll through this section.