Free Download 3D Content for Daz Studio and Poser

Poser and Daz Studio are two popular 3D modeling programs. They allow users to create models of objects, scenes, and characters. Poser is more focused on creating character and object models, while Daz Studio is focused on creating scene models.

However, in this section of our site you will find characters for both the first and the second program.

This page of our site is one of the largest because we have tried to collect as much content as possible that can be useful in many different situations. More specifically, we offer thousands of high-quality models of characters, animals, clothing and furniture for use in your projects. This includes Genesis-related material - these models have much better control of mouth, eye, eyebrow and cheek expressions, as well as control of hands and fingers. This means that if you use such models in your projects, you won't have to struggle with ZBrush or any other modeling program to realize your creative idea.

By the way, on our website you can also find detailed information about each model, including its characteristics, dimensions and textures. In addition, for each object we also include a brief but concise description, as well as recommendations for use in each program.

We suggest you take a look at just a few of the items we have on our site to give you a better idea of the kind of content you will find here.

Inga Hair for Genesis 9

Inga Hair for Genesis 9 is a short, slicked back hairstyle with bangs, created using a unique strand technology that allows each curl to be worked on separately during the creation of the hairstyle. This gives Inga hair an unimaginable depth. This set also includes 18 different hair colors created using the Blended Dual Lobe shader. The cool thing about Inga Hair for Genesis 9 is that the hair can be customized with morphs, of which there are several dozen.

Desiree Refresh for G9 Females

Desiree Refresh is a sexy dress with asymmetrical one-shoulder cutouts for Genesis 9-based females.

In addition to the dress itself, Desiree Refresh for G9 Females also offers 12 colors ranging from soft turquoise to dark turquoise, so you can fit this garment into almost any setting and environment.

The dress in this bundle supports dForce and will not work well without it, so keep that in mind. This bundle includes customization morphs and movements that can be subtly customized.

Beach Bikini Bundle

The Beach Bikini Bundle includes a dark-skinned girl, a set of feminine poses for her (though you can use them on other characters as well), and four sexy swimsuits.

Just Hands Poses for Genesis 9

Just Hands Poses for Genesis 9 is a set of hand poses that includes 36 different variations, from simple hands up and OK signs to various cute hearts made with hands.

Just Hands Poses for Genesis 9 also includes a pose that cancels all the others and returns the hands to their original position. This is very handy, especially considering all the functionality of this addon, which is so easy to get confused about.

And yes, each pose has been adjusted for size and other shape differences, so you can use them on both male and female models and everything will work perfectly.

Mining Mech

The Mining Mech is an indispensable helper for the hard and grueling work in the mines. This mechanical robot comes with a variety of textures and materials so you can customize its appearance to match your environment.

In addition, Mining Mech comes with eight elaborate poses that have been optimized specifically for this model. Of course, you can try them out on other similar robots, and maybe it will turn out cool, too!

As you can see, our site has a wide variety of content: from ready-made 3D models with textures and materials to various poses and even sets of themed items. We update our catalog every day, so be sure to bookmark our site so you don't miss out on cool new assets for your Daz or Poser.