Bathroom accessories

What gives a house its personality, makes it atmospheric and cozy? Of course, lovingly chosen accessories. Not only do they help to maintain a certain style, but also to accentuate the tastes and preferences of the designer. On our website you can download various 3D models of bathroom accessories. They are all in popular formats like OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND, so you can easily use them in editors like Blender, 3ds Autodesk's Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Vray or Corona. You can download absolutely all content from our website absolutely free and without registration.

Download 3D models of bathroom accessories

Some accessories, such as shower shelves, can easily replace furniture in small bathrooms. While a vertical cabinet or under-sink cabinet might not have a place in your three-dimensional interior design, simple and comfortable corner designs can accommodate everything from personal hygiene products to towels. The dimensions should definitely be considered if you are going to put your interior design into practice.

In large rooms, in addition to functional elements, placing of art objects are also allowed. For example, indoor plants, different boxes, packaging and so on. You can find such objects in our catalogue. For example, cosmetics set placed next to a eucalyptus bush. Bathroom accessories must be well thought out, if you want to achieve harmony in the room.

There is one thing that must be kept in mind. The bathroom is often a small space in which you will need to put a bath or shower cabinet, a sink, a toilet, a mirror with a vanity unit and various shelves. Accessories should be minimalistic, so as not to clutter up the space.

Unlike in living areas, bathrooms can be more colourful and showy. However, it is important that the accessories match the colours and materials of the furnishings and furniture. We have all sorts of models on our website to suit your interior design needs.

If there is plenty of room for lots of accessories, consider not just trendy, practical items and modern gadgets, but also unusual decorative items that are not directly functional – they could be vases, paintings, baskets or dried flower arrangements. Sanitary ware and various accessories that you can download from our other sections can be combined with cosmetic bathroom accessories from this subcategory. The harmony between them is the basis for a beautiful and elaborated interior design.