Toy in interior design is a whole science. This is why it is up to professionals to deal with such grateful materials as dolls, bunnies, bears, various cars and other seemingly childish things. The very first mass-produced toy was a doll. It remains the favorite toy of today's children. Professional designers of our site have developed a whole series 3d models of cute dolls for both girls and boys. They will fit perfectly with almost any interior and any style. They are downloaded in popular OBJ, FBX, MAX, and BLEND formats so that you can download them and use them when creating your own architectural project. You can implement previously downloaded 3D meshes in such modern applications as Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Vray, Corona, etc. By the way, all content on our website is absolutely free. And you won't even need to register to download it!

Download 3D models of toys

The designs and layouts of the unusual houses and structures which combine the direction of Scandinavian styling with retro or modern motifs, making them very stylish and beautiful. Toys in such interior projects will look just right.

By the way, toys will look cool not only in children's rooms. No one prevents, for example, downloading from our website a huge teddy bear. You can use him as a pouffe in the living room. Actually, there is a lot of different applications – toys from our catalogue are also cool to use as a reference, or to create a videogame. If you need to accentuate a children's or even some kind of infantile environment, then placing toys in your architectural project is a great option. You can also turn all downloaded meshes into full-fledged assets and make the game characters use them. For the most part, this is all down to your imagination. Content on our site is updated daily, so if you cannot find a suitable toy for your project, just try to look at another time. You are sure to find the perfect 3D mesh.

It should be clearly understood that it is not the interior that should be matched with toys, but the interior with them instead. For example, toys made of glass and steel are difficult to incorporate into modern premises. We have them in our catalogue, but it would be better if you combine them with some classic interior. Also look out for the proper furniture in order to recreate soft shades. You can find it in other sections. Generally speaking, the best place for a toy is a shelf, or the back of a chair, or even a sofa. Classic option for arrangement of the interior is all sorts of bunnies, bears, kittens and other plushy animals. And dressed up dolls, made in the style of bygone eras – dressed in completely unthinkable costumes of the most fantastic shapes and colours. All sorts of artificial flowers, boxes and vases as well.

Open shelves are ideal for placing a variety of toys, such as animal figures, toy puzzles made with wood or iron textures, and miniature models of cars. This is sure to breathe a bit of life into the interior!