Decorative plaster

Decorative plasters – standard building material used for both interior and exterior wall and ceiling coverings. This very category contains a large collection of seamless plaster textures perfect for visualizing walls and ceiling coverings in 3ds Max Autodesk, Photoshop, Maya, Vray, Corona and other programs.

Here you can search for and then download meshes of new and aged Venetian, natural leather, concrete, natural stone and metal plaster and many more different types of decorative coatings. In fact, this category is very similar to another category on our site which is called "Others". It contains essentially all kinds of three-dimensional surfaces: you can find both concrete walls and hedges here without any problems. There is also something unusual like a map of our world, which is positioned as a complete wallpaper. You can download all plaster meshes on our website completely free and without registration in popular formats OBJ, FBX, Vray and so on.

Download 3D models of decorative plasters

In this category (among other things) you can also find 3D models of plaster and polyurethane decorative elements: cornices, friezes, moldings, capitals, pilasters, columns, ceiling rosettes, applied wall panels, sand rites, niches, arched elements, ventilation grills, shelves, brackets and many other elements for interior design and decoration. You can also find castings – elements of bronze and other metals. Particularly any items that would be ideal for recreating a quality interior in rendering applications can be found here. If you are a designer, then using material from our site will help you greatly facilitate the work. Our meshes are also good for video game developers. It often happens that you are too busy working out more important things in a video game: the plot, characters, game mechanics and you simply do not have time to recreate detailed and quality locations. This is where the content from our catalog comes to the rescue.

Make a hub, in which the main character will have the possibility to rest before the next difficult and dangerous mission. Visit our catalog and find decor elements that will add coziness to it – various stone moldings and wooden walls. If you need to make a gloomy location, there is no problem with that either. Our site has many models of ruined walls with significant mold. If you add the right lighting and a harmonious ambient, then it will be possible to recreate a really worthwhile atmosphere that will convey all the most successful aspects of the videogame.

Just remember about our site and try to visit it often as much as possible – we update our catalog daily, so you always will be able to find something new for yourself.

The ennobled top layer of finish gives the possibility of its wide application in projects developed according to the designs of different style directions. Universal decorative plaster in the interior will suit any spatial style, will serve as a perfect background for filling the rooms with details. All thanks to a large assortment of varieties and shades of mixes.

In total in our catalog of 3D plaster materials you can find over a dozen different types. Each variant differs in color filling, texture volume, and graphics processor requirements. Since there are a lot of pixels in the plaster texture, you may need a powerful video card to work properly and productively with it in rendering applications.