Background 2D Textures

Here are the 2D textures for canva backgrounds, text overlays, business cards, branding, products, websites, social media, banner, poster, backgrounds, quotes, crafts, weddings, digital projects, paper craft, party invitations, digital scrapbooking, photography album backgrounds and all creative projects? That means that you've come to the right place, because here you will find all these items made by professionals. And what is more important - you will be able to download them absolutely for free and without registration. The content on our site is updated daily, so if you can't find something perfect for you this time, just add our site to your browser bookmarks and try again another time. These backgrounds, textures, patterns, overlays are ideal for 2D graphics in Photoshop, WEB and UI design, game development and more.

Free download backgrounds, textures, patterns, overlays for 2d-3d graphics development

A texture is a visual and tactile property of the surface of an object, which conveys information about the internal structure of the object, that is, its properties. That is, when you look at it alone you can tell what the object is, whether it is wood, metal, glass, brick, concrete or plastic - just about anything.

But how do I apply the textures I find in this category?

To add a 2D texture, you will first need to place a texture layer on top of the image layer. All you have to do is copy and paste it on top. Next, you will need to apply a scaling and a transformation tool.

Background 2D textures are particularly in demand among architects who specialize in developing projects in applications such as 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Photoshop, etc. Ready-made textures allow you to forget about drawing something yourself, and sometimes it can really save a lot of time. Another significant advantage is their accessibility - you can find tons of 2D background textures for all sorts of your projects on our site, and you can do it for free.

Proper texture mapping can turn a rather ordinary boring project into something really cool. In this subcategory of our site you will find hundreds of materials that are suitable for designing backgrounds, for creating advertisements, or for the design of things IRL.

To be more precise, in the catalog of our site you will be able to discover textures:

  • Wood, one of the most versatile textures that can exist. Combining wood with other textures can bring a really large amount of variety to an architectural or advertising project.
  • Stone - It can be used to add a hardness effect to a picture. It also acts well as an element with which to show overlapping shadows.
  • Paper - you can use textures like this to accentuate the edges of an object or photo.
  • Grasses - grass texture has a rough surface that can be effectively experimented with. Such 2D textures look especially effective on billboards.
  • Bricks - such 2D background textures will add an effect of confidence and firmness to your project.
  • Fabric - These textures are good for making the object look warm or, if the texture of the fabric is worn, unkempt.
  • Leathers - high resolution 2D skin textures can be used as backgrounds, and look extremely appropriate.

And that, of course, is just a cursory listing of what you'll find on our site. All of these 2D background textures are perfectly optimized, so you'll have no problem using them for one purpose or another. You can use them for video game development, too, and you can't go wrong by downloading them for that purpose. They will work well as a background for the loading screen, so that the player is not looking at a blank screen, but at some nice and organic structure.