Fireplace, radiator

In this section you can free download 3D models of fireplaces and radiators to use them in the programs like 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. Also there are models with materials for rendering in Vray and Corona. Model file formats are usually presented as MAX, FBX, OBJ, BLEND and so on. The fireplace is always associated with home comfort and warmth. The classic versions of the fireplaces consist of the firebox (the space where the fire burns), the portal (the structure that frames the firebox) and the chimney (it serves to remove smoke and carbon dioxide from the room). Modern models often do not have a chimney, their escaping pit can be subjected to various improvements. On our website you can find and download absolutely free different models of fireplaces and radiators for almost every taste. If you could not find something suitable, just visit us another time – our content is regularly updated!

Download 3D models of fireplaces and radiators

It is easy to find quality 3D models of carved fireplaces made in different styles and absolutely for free on our site. The meshes are created by true professionals, which means that all of them are clearly traced to the smallest details and things. You can use them however you want after downloading. If necessary, each model can be redone in any application dedicated to rendering – you will be able to change the texture, color, size, etc.

Carved fireplaces invariably please the eye, create a unique atmosphere of the house, emphasize individual style and exquisite taste of the owner. Effective decorative 3D fireplace gracefully fits into any interior, can decorate itself elegantly designed office building, apartment, mansion and cottage. In the catalog site you can choose fireplaces in different styles – for every taste and purse.

It is customary to divide fireplaces into two types: functional and designed for decorative purposes.

The first (functional) is used not only to heat the room, but also to cook culinary masterpieces. The basis of such fireplace portals is wood or gas heating. This idea can be beaten while making a videogame. In this section you can find fireplaces that would be quite suitable for cooking NPC food on them.

The second (decorative) consume electricity and only heat the room. Such fireplaces, however, can also be realized in a proper way – when designing a videogame and creating a location for the characters where they will be resting. Such fireplaces are also useful for creating three-dimensional room interiors by clients’ orders.

As for the shape of modern fireplaces, today it is very diverse:

  • Rectangular fireplaces are a great option for heating hotel suites and large halls. These radiators are located along a wall or built right into it. For a rectangular fireplace often natural materials are used: sandstone, marble, shell rock and granite. They emphasize the importance of the portal due to its monumentality.
  • Round fireplaces are not suitable for every room. In a large stylish interior, in the middle of the room or taken outdoors, they often serve just for cooking. Such unusual utilities also have a fireplace made of natural stone, marble, granite or modern materials that successfully replace them.
  • Triangular-shaped fireplaces are pretty unique in the meaning of design. They are usually located at the wall. The installation is possible even in small rooms – this should be taken into account when recreating a 3D project. A really practical and convenient option.
  • Fireplaces in the form of a cylinder will be appropriate to look at the cottage or homestead. The ideal variant if you want to highlight the practical usefulness of the fireplace. Such objects can very often be found in various videogames that are made in Medieval setting.