In this section you can find different mirrors to recreate your dream interior in three-dimension. All content on our site is available in popular formats that are fully compatible with modern rendering applications. Such formats are OBJ, FBX and others. You can open them with Vray, Max, Corona and many other cool utilities. Not all mirrors are designed to be hung on the wall. You can find those and other mirrors in our catalog, you can download them on your computer for free and without registration.

Download 3D models of mirrors

The mirror is a truly amazing piece of furniture. Since ancient times, it has been attributed magical properties – it was used to look out for a soulmate and to find out the future. In the modern world the mirror is a household item with a practical and decorative function.

This magical piece of decoration is usually being undeservedly neglected. As a rule, its influence does not extend beyond the bathroom and hallway, but the utilitarian function of the mirror surfaces is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Mirror’s usage in the interior can breathe a new life into familiar surroundings, filling the living space with something new and majestic.

The potential of a reflecting object is really great, but when equipping the 3D interior project with such thing, it is important to remember the main functions:

  • Correction of the overall room’s volume – the mirror is a real savior of narrow corridors and small rooms. You cannot really cope with this difficult task alone – you will need several pieces of different size decorations in order to create a proper illusion and to enlarge the space;
  • Reflection of light – a big, floored mirror will fill the room with natural light as the reflected surface will stay behind a chandelier, a wall lamp or a lamp that will increase the complete level of light in the room;
  • Correction of interior drawbacks – irregular obstacles like arches, projections, places of communication laying when a reflecting object is used correctly will dissolve in the air without attracting extra attention

It is necessary to choose mirrors for your interior three-dimensional project accurate – with some attention to. The interior stylistics influences directly on the location, form and size of the decoration object. Our site offers wide range of mirrors, which can be big and small, laconic and strict, with a pattern, crystals and gilding, artificially aged and just trendy. Here you can also find an original mirror mosaic and panels made of shards with bright accents.

The mirror is a universal helper in creating a unique interior – it will add a note of individuality and inimitable glamour to almost any project, if chosen correctly.

Frames make it possible to use mirrors in different ways in the interior. Thanks to the edging, they make the object functional and decorative. The leading positions are occupied by mirrors with frames in the form of a square and rectangle. The 3D model of frame can be made with a texture of:

  • Polyurethane;
  • Metal;
  • Mirror glass;
  • Leather;
  • Rope.

The texture of the material is chosen purely on the basis of aesthetic preferences and the overall appearance of the interior, where the mirror will be located. It is worth noting however that it is necessary to choose carefully, so as not to accidentally make the location worse by any means. We often update the content on our site, so if you cannot find anything worthwhile for yourself, just check another time – we are sure that you will be be pleasantly surprised to see many new high-quality 3D meshes that appeared recently.