An armchair in the interior is just what you need when making some quality 3D project. This piece of furniture is quite capable of organizing a cozy relaxing corner in any of the rooms possible: in the bedroom, living room, children's room, studying room and even on the outdoor terrace. We have a variety of models for you to download, both quite ordinary in design, as well as some unusual, unique chairs on our site. For example, in the catalog you can easily find an armchair that is made in the form of a semi-circle, and the cushions in it are made in rhombic shape. All 3D models on our website are presented in the most popular formats OBJ, FBX, BLEND, which are fully compatible with modern rendering applications such as Blender, Maya, Vray, Corona, Autodesk's 3ds Max and others. You can download all the content absolutely free and without registration.

Download 3D models of armchairs

Armchairs come in all sorts of ways. On our website you can find the following models in popular three-dimensional formats:

  • Classic – four legs, upholstered seat with back and armrests. The frame can be static or adjustable. You may find models with mechanism that allows changing the height of the seat.
  • In the form of a bag or pouf – these are the meshes without a frame, consisting of a fabric cover and a soft filler. They are taking forms of the human body by being lightweight and mobile at the same time. Most often placed in children's rooms – due to flexible form, in which you may just literally sink. Kids really love it, so when designing a 3D interior, you should think about placing such an armchair there.
  • Folding – almost the same classic type, but with a folding mechanism that turns the seat into an additional compact place. Suitable for small apartments, where there is not enough space for a full-fledged sofa or bed.
  • Rocking chairs – despite associations with the past, this type of armchair is relevant even now, in many modern interiors. It is because the rocking chair is good to relax after a hard day. It can be on skids, on springs or with a pendulum type mechanism. It is most often located in the bedroom, study or living room, so keep that in mind when you will be creating your own premise project.
  • Chaise-lounge is another model for deep relaxation. It differs from the usual chairs with an elongated seat with a footrest, on which you can stretch to your full height.