In this category of our 3D model catalogue, you can find a variety of bikes and motorbikes for every taste and color. From sporty, high-speed models designed for racing to rugged, low-slung bikes. There are also civilian models in the form of scooters. You can download three-dimensional meshes of motorbikes and bikes from our website for free. They are made in popular formats OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND, so, if necessary, you can work with them in any of the modern rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya and others. Join our site and add it to your favorites - there is a lot of interesting content ahead of you!

Free download 3D models of bikes

Many of you have probably dreamed of riding a two-wheeled horse as a child, riding along the track in the setting sun, or maybe riding around town with other like-minded people and with friends. Our 3D models can also be used to make your dreams come true. The fact that our website presents both fictional and very realistic 3D models of bikes and motorbikes. You can download any mesh you want and study it carefully. If you like it, it can be the first step to buying a particular bike in real life.

You can find motorbikes of the following types on our website:

  • Cruiser – this type of bike is made in the style of American machines from the 1930s to the early 1960s, such as the Indian and Harley-Davidson, the latter largely defining this category.
  • Choppers – some type of Cruiser, named so for the fact that they are some kind of a stripped-down version of the Cruiser. Choppers are most often custom designs, resulting in the bike being modified to the owner's wishes and, as such, a source of pride and achievement. Here you can find 3D models of Cruisers, which you can then edit to suit your own needs using rendering utilities.
  • Enduro – a class of motorbike designed for riding on bad roads, if not even on the off-roads. Often seen in mountain and steep slope designs.
  • Sport motorbikes – designed to take part in sporting events. Over more than a century of history, motorbikes have undergone a great deal of change, ranging from the usual adapted for competition, to specialized, built for a particular type of competition, such as road-ring racing, motocross, speedway, and ice racing. Accordingly, no good 3D design of a sports track or race track can do without models of sports motorbikes standing side by side.
  • Streetfighters – a relatively small group. The technical parameters resemble those of sports bikes, but they lack all the unnecessary plastic. Very often, street bikes become sports bikes, which were involved in a traffic accident – they are then rebuilt. Our designers take this into account, so any 3D meshes of street bikes you will find in our catalogue are made to look like they have been through fire, water and brass.