Unreal Engine Environments

The environment is as much a narrative tool as notes, cutscenes, dialogues, and audio diaries. But what makes it different is that it is somewhat passive and unnoticeable - players may simply not notice the writing on the wall or not want to take the time to make sense of the scene. In this category of our catalog we gathered only the most successful environment assemblies, which will look appropriate in any game. You can download them absolutely for free and without registration. More precisely, in this category have found a place assemblies, helping to bring game design to a reasonable level. Namely, houses, buildings, nature, city blocks, fantasy castles, caves, cliffs, landscapes and more.

Download 3d environment models for Unreal Engine

We think you've heard of such a thing as environment-based storytelling. Originally the term didn't even come from the game industry. It, according to many sources, takes its origins from Disney Park. The owners at the time wanted to make the park's environment itself tell visitors what they could do here. A little later, the storytelling through the environment made its way into the game industry. In games, it's about giving the game space properties that can be interpreted as a meaningful whole that extends the narrative of the game. In fact, there are many examples of this approach in the game industry. For example, the BioShock series. If you remove the usual narrative elements from any game in this series, the player can still roughly understand what happened in the city. The environment itself perfectly tells the story of the world. The architecture in the games remained almost intact - the appearance of cities and locations only reminds of the original ideas and dreams of their creators. On the contrary, there is a lot of places (usually inside, we are talking about BioShock 1 and 2, but not about BioShock Infinite and other games of the series) where there is a lot of destruction and tininess. Such a sharp contrast between the exterior and interior only adds drama to the story - in the untouched building facades the player sees the echoes of the initial dream and unconsciously compares it to the brutal reality.

Well, in general, in less prosaic terms, the architecture does not always have to give answers to all the players' questions - sometimes it can support the mystery that hovers in the virtual world. The main task of the environment is to be relevant, to fill the game with content, and to make what's going on understandable to the player. But that's not really all there is to it. Also any element of the environment needs to fit intelligently into the location and optimize it technically. On our site you can find both individual items to fill in the location and whole ready-made presets. As well as blueprints.

For the most part, this is one of the biggest categories on our site. There really is a lot of content for every taste, for every game or setting. Need to make some kind of village in a fantasy setting? No problem. We have whole huge locations on our site with built-up houses that are warm and cozy. Need a bit of sci-fi? No problem. We have a lot of different ports, libraries, houses in this style - they will definitely be combined harmoniously in your game!