Spot light

Interior spotlights not only help to improve the overall quality of light, they also help to create the right atmosphere in a room. This type of lighting is suitable for almost all ceiling coverings and fits harmoniously into the design of rooms regardless of their style and function. On our website you can find various recessed and recessed luminaires which have been made by professional designers according to the models of real-life luminaires. All 3D models are made using high-quality textures in high resolution. The main file formats are OBJ, FBX, MAX and BLEND. You can download all the content from our website absolutely free and use it in modern 3D rendering software such as Vray, Corona, 3ds Autodesk Max, Blender, Maya and others. You will not even need to register to download anything!

Download 3D models of spot lights

The placement of spotlights must be thought out in advance, especially if a suspended ceiling is about to be installed. The lighting can be arranged either symmetrically or randomly. To create a unique interior and to emphasise the architecture and atmosphere of a room, light sources can be integrated into a multilevel suspended or stretch ceiling. In general, the best option for these luminaires are spotlights, placed around the perimeter of the ceiling plane. They can be switched in conjunction with a central chandelier to create more illumination. A parallel arrangement of luminaires in multiple rows can also help to achieve the right level of comfort in the room.

To illuminate a particular area, the lighting fixtures are arranged in an arc-shaped pattern. This way, the austere interior can be softened. Some rooms are designed with a staggered arrangement of light sources. This is often the case in the kitchen, for example, where all areas need to be well illuminated. Spotlights actually can be installed in absolutely any room, but they are most often seen in the living ones. If you are going to create your own interior design (and bring it to life after that) by using three-dimensional lighting fixtures downloaded from our website, take into account one major tip:

In a living room with a ceiling chandelier, it is better to install light sources with low wattage. In this way, when the chandelier is off, the fixtures will give off a nice, soft and muted glow. In this case, spotlights can be placed on one side of the ceiling only. For a room without a central chandelier, almost any arrangement of light sources is suitable, such as a circle, square, oval or even a rhombus. Here it is largely down to your imagination, as we have a range of 3D light fittings to suit all tastes, from single fittings to prefabricated sets.