Interior Scenes

This brand-new section of our site presents a large volume of ready-made interior scenes for free download for use in the programs like 3ds Max Autodesk, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. There are also models with materials for rendering in Vray and Corona applications. File formats are usually presented in MAX, FBX, OBJ, BLEND and others. Interior design is one of the most popular kind of work when it comes to 3D modeling. You can find here many three-dimensional interiors in different styles: classic, loft, modern, contemporary, art deco, Provence, ethnic, oriental, Japanese and so on. Such scenes have all the furnishing models, furniture, decor, plants, lighting fixtures, customized materials, light sources and rendering settings. Many designers use such architectural projects to explore the parameters of lighting and materials, as well as a base for other visualizations. In addition, in these 3d files you can find here are useful for your own personal art designs.

Download 3D models of interior scenes

When it comes to 3D scenes of interiors, designers prefer to use 3ds Max Autodesk since shaders and lighting there can be easily customized. It is also a common practice when using renderers like Vray and Corona. Some downloaded scene files from our site can be quite large, especially the classic ones with high quality hi-poly models. So you will need a computer with a powerful processor and enough RAM to open and render such projects. It is also desirable to have a fairly powerful gaming or even professional graphics card, so that the interior of 3D scenes will not be slowed down while you work with them.

3D visualization of an interior is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of the space with the help of shape and color. A photorealistic picture will show you how materials, furniture and decorations fit together. This is relevant for most rooms. The visualization of the design project allows you to understand what the office will look like after the repair work is completed and what results to expect.

3D visualization of the interior will accurately convey lighting, design features, patterns of wallpaper and fabrics with the texture of the floor. To qualitatively demonstrate all this, it is highly recommended to use the programs like 3ds Max, which actually gives out an analogue of the photo of the future interior. The idea is that you can load into this or any other rendering application any interior scene that you download from our site. The formats we publish are fully compatible with all modern applications.

To get the best interior design it is important to observe the sequence of actions and responsibly treat all phases of work. You can greatly simplify the creation of an interior for your game, portfolio or any other project by turning to our catalog and downloading from there what suits you best.

If you skip over the discussion of details and order immediate 3D visualization of the interior from makers, there is a risk to get a design that will not be brought to life. Visualizer can think up and draw any design, but when you have to try it on in a real room, it turns out that the space is not suitable for the realization of an idea, or the cost of such a solution will be too high.

On our site all the interior models are absolutely free, so if you do not like what you downloaded earlier, you will not absolutely lose anything. You do not even have to register – just go to the desired subcategory (they are listed in the left corner of the main page of our resource) and wander around. We sure that you will definitely find something for your taste.