Blender addons

Addons for Blender are special extensions that make life a lot easier for designers and programmers. Many of these plugins and scripts help with modeling, and some, in turn, complement the original toolkit of the utility itself - for example, add effects, themes, etc. You can download a variety of addons for Blender on our website, and you can do it for free. To be more precise, in this subcategory you will find Auto-Rig Pro, Hard Ops/Boxcutter, Uvpackmaster, Machin3tools and more from Blender Market, Gumroad and ArtStation.

The content on our site is fully tested for viruses and malware, and what's more, it was made by real professionals, so you can download it to your PC with complete confidence.

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Download popular add-ons and plug-ins for Blender3D

Blender is gaining more and more popularity every day among 3D designers and Indie game developers, because it is a very powerful and free tool. With the possibility of not only modeling, but also sculpting, drawing textures, preparing models for 3D printing, motion capture and many, many more features, it attracts creators of different directions - from coders to designers.

However, the developers of this program often emphasize the fact that many useful features are implemented in the form of addons, which although they are supported by Blender, but not included in this program by default. Good plugins speed up the work and greatly facilitate the lives of 3D artists. But you need to know how to choose them correctly. Here is a list of some plugins and scripts that you can find on our site:

Auto Rig Pro

This add-on for Blender allows you to create characters, customize their animation, and provide handy FBX export for Unity and Unreal Engine. This is a must-have addon for every video game developer.


HardOps is a toolkit which allows you to interact with hard surfaces. First of all, it is designed to optimize workflows - in a way, this addon even simplifies the interface. With HardOps or Hops you can create a perfect hard surface, which is a really necessary element if you are doing e.g., architectural visualization.


UVPackmaster is an effective tool for UV-packing in Blender. The basic mechanics of this addon were written in the C++ programming language, which allows them to work in a single thread.

At first, UVPackmaster may be confusing with its unusual format - especially if you are not used to working with Blender, but this tool installs like any other and works on any version of 3D modeling software.


This is a free, constantly evolving collection of tools for Blender that supplements the interface with a single flexible menu.

You can download all the above addons from our website. That's not the full list of tools you'll find here, so if you're a developer or designer you should bookmark this site so you can stay up to date with all the latest releases in 2D and 3D world.

To summarize, we can say that Blender is a fairly simple, but nevertheless powerful program for working with computer graphics. Its capabilities include functionality for 3D modeling, animating models and objects, sculpting and compositing, as well as 2D. And most importantly, this program is source code. You can also download its licensed version absolutely for free, and our free addons will make your time in Blender as comfortable, interesting and productive as possible.