Having a vase in an interior is a great way to diversify it. Vases have served as a home decoration for the last two thousand years; in modern interiors there is also no reason to write off such a proven method of decoration. Vases are not always given proper attention, although they can become the finishing touch of the whole composition. For centuries large vases were a marker of luxury – they have decorated the homes of nobles all over the world, from Japan to America. Today their main purpose has not changed. Large floor vases in the interior of the living room are still a symbol of wealth and indicate impeccable taste of the owners. Download and use 3d models of vases from our site in all the most popular, up-to-date formats, including OBJ and FBX. You will be able to work with the downloaded content in such convenient rendering applications as Vray, Corona, Blender, Maya and many others. You do not even need to register on our website to use the meshes!

Download 3D models of vases for interior decoration

Although vases have shrunk somewhat in size during their history, this does not prevent them from performing the following functions:

  • Strike a decorative accent that accentuates interior style;
  • Help in zoning room’s objects;
  • Make space more complex.

Classifying vases by form is a a bit useless task since they like any object of art are extremely diverse. However, based on approximate proportions, it is possible to distinguish the following groups:

  • Geometrics – Includes cylindrical, square and rectangular forms. Vase or vessel is not necessarily should strictly follow the ideal image and proportions. For example, the cylinder may be narrowed to the top, flattened or curly (with a waist). Geometric models fit harmoniously into modern design. Sharp edges and perfectly flat planes will complement an interior in minimalist or high-tech styles.
  • Rounds – similar as geometrics but often look more elegant. They are good in combination with tall objects. A voluminous round vessel will decorate a room in a classical or oriental style. It will also be appropriate in a rustic country;
  • Classics – this is about models of graceful streamlined, versatile forms. They can be used in classic, modern and eclectic interiors. It is all really depending on the texture and surface;
  • Just unusual ones – a rather large percentage of floor models have a hard-to-define shape. An unusual accessory can resemble a human silhouette, have bizarre proportions or even some kind of a central hole. Such a piece will decorate a modern interior for sure.

All these 3D models of vases you can easily find on our site and download for free. By the way, an important parameter when choosing a vase from our catalog is also its texture. It can be made in the manner of:

  • Glass – these models have a stylish and modern look. Their shapes and colors are infinitely varied: colored and transparent, matte and shiny, smooth and textured (with convex details);
  • Ceramic – these vessels are a rather familiar and widespread option. They can easily be decorated in any style, painted with various patterns and even covered with colored (colorless) glaze.
  • Porcelain (faience). Porcelain is an example of fine ceramics and a classic material for the production of luxury vases. Porcelain and faience models are of high quality. They will be an excellent choice for classical styles, such as baroque, or oriental interiors.

All 3D meshes made with glass, ceramic or porcelain textures you can download on our website – right in this section.