3D Plants

House and ornamental plants play an important role in the design of living spaces and outdoor areas. In the development of interior projects there is often a need to create a three-dimensional model of a vase with flowers or houseplants on the windowsill. Also without 3D meshes of flowers there is just no way to be for a landscape design – three-dimensional image helps to pick up the necessary varieties of flower crops and ornamental bushes for the flower decking, front garden or just in some kind of country house.

It is possible to create a 3D model of a flower model in two ways – to draw it by yourself using a special graphics program or entrust the development of professional visualizer. Step by step rendering of the model can take plenty of time and for some people it will be a pretty tough thing. Graphic design is just not for everyone and it is completely normal. The ideal solution would be downloading a 3D model of a flower on our specialized portal. If you manage to find something you like, but in a particular way (for example, the color does not suit you, but the shape is okay) you can edit it by yourself. But we just want to say that our library of 3D models is really big, and we are pretty sure that you will definitely find something to your liking.

Download realistic plant models for architectural 3d design

Our site offers designers and planners a wide range of flower models for 3D Max in excellent quality. In this section you can download free 3D flower models for landscape design and visualization of residential and commercial interiors:

  • Room flowers;
  • Flower arrangements in floor and hanging vases;
  • Bonsai trees of different height and shape;
  • Ornamental shrubs;
  • Almost any kind of bushes and grass;
  • Wildflowers and garden flowers.

Comfortable navigation on the site by using tags makes it possible to find and download a free 3D model of a vase, house flower or decorative plant in just a few minutes. Processing the image in a graphic editor takes much less time and effort than creating a model from scratch. You will find hundreds of three-dimensional images you will crawl deeply in site’s catalog.

All models of plants perfectly traced to the smallest detail. They can be released on a CNC machine, as well as on a default 3D printer. The material can be anything: plastic, MDF, wood.

Flowers, fruits, berries – all plant motifs have always been a favorite decoration of the house and garden. In the section you download meshes of them just for free. You do not need to pay for anything. Flowers are definitely a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Such a present with wishes of happiness and prosperity is nice to give to a wife, relative, boss or just colleague.

All 3D models of plants can be scaled up and down. Without any problem, it is possible to increase or decrease roses, chrysanthemums, fruit-flower and other bouquets and compositions to the size you need.

Woodcarvers have long been prized throughout the world. In the past, such delicate work was done by hand, so it took a lot of time and effort. Modern equipment like CNC machines and 3D printers allow you to make decor for home and country houses, souvenir products more qualitatively and much faster. From this carved floral decor becomes more accessible, but still creates a unique atmosphere of the house and garden, emphasizes the unique style and invariably speak of the exquisite taste of the owner.

Since that “Plants” section is constantly updating, it makes sense to bookmark our online store to keep track of new content and always be aware of fashionable and interesting items. All models are presented in OBJ and FBX formats, so you will not face any trouble when using them. They are made with Corona, Max or Vray applications.

If you need to choose a plant for your home or if you're just looking for inspiration for your creativity, develop a game, make an art project - whatever, visit our site in the special section and download any plant or tree model you like for free.