Unity 3D-Models

When designing a game, you don't always have time to create individual elements, such as models or sounds. In such cases, there are asset libraries from which you can get the content you need. Usually there are both free and paid assets. Our site provides the opportunity to download only free variations. And you, by the way, won't even need to register for this. Specifically in this category you will find Unity 3d-models of characters, environments, terrains, weapons, props, vegetation, vehicles, equipment, ready-made game levels, other models.

Download Unity 3D Assets

Unity is a really great open source game development program that allows you to create stunning games with minimal effort. But you should also take into account that creating a game with Unity or Unreal Engine from scratch takes a significant amount of time spent on 3D modeling characters, terrain, behavior, animation, music and so on. This is where Assets come to the rescue. They save a lot of your time and energy and eliminate the need to create all these components of the game yourself, because there's our website, from which you can download any of your favorite asset.

So, as you know, the creation of many modern games on the Unity engine starts with modeling and selecting the necessary 3D models. We are talking about the landscape and level objects. This is what you need to pay attention to in the first place. Then there are character models, weapons and other objects. But what to do if you don't have the right development team at hand to recreate it all? Don't despair - there is a huge database of ready-made Unity 3D models for such cases, which you can download for free on our website. We monitor each asset for quality, all of them were made by professionals. By downloading anything from our resources you guarantee yourself that you'll get the top material.

For the convenience of finding the necessary 3D-assets our team divided this section into several more parts. So, here you can find the assets:

  • Characters - animals, monsters, humans, humanoids, robots, etc.
  • Environments - incredible, ancient castles, modern industrial buildings, places from real life (historical), various landscapes, interiors, race tracks, scientific facilities (laboratories, hospitals).
  • Misc - exteriors, interiors, clothes, electronics, food, furniture, industrial objects, tools, weapons (firearms, cold and heavy).
  • Vegetation - these assets are great to help you breathe a little life into your game locations, here you will find a variety of trees, bushes, grass, flowers, and everything in that spirit.
  • Vehicles - here collected the most different vehicles, and to be more specific, the air, sea and land, that is ships, planes, cars, military and space vehicles, etc. Also in this section you will find fictional vehicles from fantasy or sci-fi.

All the Assets you download from our site come with a set of textures and customized materials for Unity engine - both mobile and desktop versions. Many of the models are made specifically for use in mobile games and applications. What makes this happen? Well, they have well optimized mesh and small number of polygons, as well as special, fast shaders (you can read more about them in another section of our site devoted specifically to shaders).

In this section you'll also find individual objects for use in your Unity projects, as well as item sets and whole game levels. All items come in a standard .unitypackage format and can be easily imported into your game.