Unreal Engine Weapons

Most computer games are murder simulations of one kind or another. For this purpose, players are provided with a truly enormous number of weapons, the uniqueness and mechanics of which are sometimes really astounding. In this catalog of our website you can find various weapon assets for your game on Unreal Engine 4 and 5. You can download them absolutely for free and without registration. More precisely, here you will find 3D models of pistols, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, edged weapons, grenades, explosives, machine guns, arms with FPS weapon animation and more. Add our site to bookmarks of your browser not to miss the newest and juiciest content!

Download weapon assets for Unreal Engine 4 and 5

For the most part, different types of weapons have already been developed, while other types have been invented and described by sci-fi writers in the last century. In fact, despite the fact that the weapons in video games have existed for a very long time (they, in fact, have already been introduced in the various titles at the dawn of the game industry - in the 70's), there is still some confusion in terms of names with them sometimes. Mostly due to a misunderstanding by game developers of the weapons they've added to their game. Many come from the principle that the most important thing about Unreal Engine weapons is that they should shoot cool, sound cool, and look nice at the same time. Our team has thought this question through, so in addition to just beautiful models, quality sounds and effects, all of our assets are accompanied by an additional description. You can use it as a guide to intelligently fit the weapon to a particular setting.

In this catalog of our website you can find the assets of both quite usual guns with common mechanics (as a hit scan - that is, when you shoot, and the damage passes immediately on the enemy), and with unique mechanics on the type of shells and trajectory.

In general, the theme of weapons in games is really popular. Many aspiring artists want to create their own weapon model for a portfolio. Unfortunately, they see weapons only as part of the environment and end up with something resembling a rifle that can only be hung on the wall above the fireplace. You can, of course, design the assets of weapons for your projects yourself, but it's much easier to use our ready, elaborated models, which were made by real professionals.

In fact, as practice shows, many game developers often want to cram similar assets on the same level - without feeling any sense of proportion at all. This also applies to weapons in UE4 and UE5.But you can't ignore the fact that these objects consume RAM. Of course, it may seem that the weapon assemblies do this in a minimal amount, but that's a bit far from the truth. Really high-quality models can consume hundreds of megabytes of RAM, which in some projects can be simply unacceptable. If you're struggling with your sense of proportion, we suggest that you check out the next category of our site, which goes by the name "Tutorials". There are a lot of different guides on how to properly implement this or that weapon in the game.