Unity Assets

Content development on the Unity engine is an insanely convenient thing for today's world. The process can be compared to assembling a construction kit. Let's say, the engine acts as a platform and the assemblies act as parts. It really reminds some kind of LEGO constructor. Thanks to our library, creating a masterpiece will now be much easier. You no longer need to draw every single element yourself. You can find all the necessary parts on our site and download them for free. At our site you'll find everything you need to create cool game projects, such as templates, 3D models, shaders, particles, animations, textures, materials, 2D assets, tools, audio, music and more. Add our site to your browser bookmarks so you don't lose access to it and always get only the latest and coolest content!

Free download assets for Unity 3D

Of course, you can manually draw your own textures, models, and effects. In this case, your creation will be unique from a graphical point of view. But you will have to do a lot of work to create a real masterpiece. In addition, it is unlikely you will be able to independently draw, for example, a map of the virtual world of some complicated action project. Creating the models of transport, vegetation, buildings as well as all sorts of effects and other graphic elements will take a lot of time. And if you are new to graphic design, then you will certainly not be able to create such a large number of elements by yourself. That is why we created this site, where you can find a huge variety of different elements for almost any project.

To make it clearer to you what you will be dealing with, let's go a little deeper into the subject of assets. They come in the form of:

  • 3D;
  • 2D;
  • Ready-made sets and packs (we are talking about, for example, sets of effects of time of day, vegetation, textures, etc.).

On our site you can download assets for Unity and Unreal Engine absolutely for free and without any advertising.

Well, now let's dig a little deeper into these categories, and find out what each of them represents. So, let's start with 3D. This type includes all three-dimensional models: vegetation, buildings, objects, characters and the like – all are 3D models.

We think that no one will argue that creating the game world of gray objects without textures is quite boring. To fill the game world with beauty, you must first think about what setting the game will be in. Then you need to find the right references. Once you have a rough idea of how you want the game to look like, you can choose the assets from our catalogs. High-quality 3D assets will definitely help you with that.

Now let's say a few words about 2D. If you are creating a game in 2D, you will definitely need the appropriate assets. This group includes drawn characters, environments - basically everything the same as in 3D, just in a different format. 2D objects are flat. They are, by the way, commonly referred to as sprites. Basically, when it comes to video games, 2D usually refers to interface elements: that is, various buttons, HUDs, icons, etc.

So, finally, on our site you will be able to find ready-made sets of assets. We try to constantly update our catalog, so if you can't find something suitable for you today, just try to visit our resource tomorrow. Here we collect both separate 3D and 2D assets, and ready, themed sets. For example, Halloween-themed assets with a bunch of pumpkins, lamps, costumes and other decorations. Or a set of urban-themed assets, where you can download 2D, 3D textures of wells, street lamps, cars, roads, buildings and other things.