Unreal Engine Animation

Animation is the effect of consistently giving a multimedia image moving functions. In fact, it is a whole art. Animation can be done in many different ways - with drawings, models, puppets, computer images, and much more. Originally, the method of choice for animation were drawings which were put on transparent sheets and then photographed. Nowadays, however, animation created using computer generated images is more commonly used. On our site you can find various Unreal Engine assets that will help you create the game of your dreams. To be more precise, our catalog contains items in the form of movements of characters, monsters, weapons, vehicles, running, walking, shooting, jumping, fighting and more. By the way, all the content from our site you can download for free and without registration! That's why it makes sense to add our site to your browser bookmarks, so you will not lose access to new and fresh content.

Download realistic mocap animations for Unreal Engine

So. Games should be interactive. Every developer should know that. During the game, the player has control over the character and the camera. That's why animations should not just simply look good - they should look good from every possible angle. For example, if the game is in third-person and the player turns the camera, he should see walking or running from a completely new angle. This angle will have to show things that would not have been seen from another angle. And, of course, in addition to logic, each animation must also have quality. The animation must look good from every angle. For example, when implementing it, you need to make sure that the character makes smooth arcing movements from any camera angle.

The timing of animations in games is often determined by the needs of the players. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a firefight in some hardcore online shooter, suddenly reloading and dying. These animations must have clear, precise and logical timing in order for the gameplay to be adequate. All items that you will find on our site are just that. They were created by professional game designers with a lot of experience, so they are really balanced.

Let's dive a little bit into the theory. Creating animation for video games and for movies are two different processes. Movies are for viewing only, video games are direct interaction with the user. Although the same tools and animation principles are used, the methods are very different. Now it is impossible to imagine a modern, quality game without animation. It gives every game life: it conveys the movement of players and objects and adds to their identity. Without animation, a character will look like he's just gliding around the location instead of running. With Unreal Engine 4 or 5 and our Assets, you can bring your characters to life.

To put it simply, animation is a sequence of frames that brings an image to life. It's divided into full animation and limited animation. Without going into details, full animation is usually used in large AAA projects, and limited - in budget indie projects. Before proceeding to animation, the asset must first go through a stage of rig. At this stage, created all sorts of handles, manipulators and sliders, pulling on which the animator, then make our character move. You could say it's a kind of virtual skeleton. Of course, this skeleton does not have to be anatomically correct. It is only a set of points that, by moving, will rig the character.

In video games the environment has to work 100%, which is why you have to take into account when designing this or that animation:

  • The fact that players have control over what they see on the screen;
  • The fact that some objects will require multiple animations;
  • The fact that all animation environments are interconnected

So, in this catalog of our website dedicated to assets, you will find various animations for your game projects - whether it is the movements of monsters, people or whatever else.