3D Architecture

In this section of our site you can find hundreds of models for different man-made things. There are models of not only buildings, but basically everything that can be classified as architecture. Lots of the most interesting and well-made props are available for download here.

Download professional models for 3D environments

Most of the models are of houses and buildings. There are lots of different meshes here, from small cottages to large buildings. It is worth noting that there are houses of all different time periods and locations. There are ancient buildings and modern skyscrapers here. And there are lots of different kinds of them too – there are hundreds of models for each type of buildings, so you will be able to add a ton of variety to your 3D world.

Along with these buildings you will also find lots of other additional architecture, such as city props like streetlights, playgrounds and many other small things that will help you make your 3D world look as realistic and immersive as possible.

You will see many different 3D models for smaller things, like decorations, flower pots, potholes in roads, fire hydrants and many other small things that will help you make a street appear just like a real-life one. And your characters will have things to interact with, and their environment will look much more life-like.

The exterior environment also has many other small things that make it look immersive. If you are designing a village, then you will need lots of meshes of different outbuildings, barns and other things. Our site has you covered here too, and you will find lots of meshes and textures for making a realistic outdoors environment.

Other architecture in this section includes stand-alone objects, like bridges, fences, poles and lots of other things. These models can be used in any of your modeling projects, just as standalone props, or as part of a bigger picture. Smaller stand alone objects can be used to decorate a more detailed render of a city or town.

Many of these models have special lighting effects and complex construction that will make your 3D world much more immersive. The models are all provided with textures, which will look great in any environment. Also the meshes have materials added to them to make.

All these models for your 3D environment can be downloaded for free on our site. We offer them in lots of different formats, and you will find 3DS, OBJ, FBX and many other popular formats that you will be able to import into any game engine or modeling software, like Blender. The textures provided with our models are also going to work well in any environment.

All the meshes in this section are made by experts, and you will be amazed at the quality of all our meshes. The effects will work properly in any environment, and the textures will make the architecture meshes virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. If you use lighting wisely, you will be able to get a photorealistic environment in your photos.

There are many pages full of realistic architecture meshes on our site, and you will be able to download and use all of these meshes in any of your projects. The amount of landscapes and cities you can build with them is virtually endless, so it is up to your fantasy to create the ideal 3D world.