Paintings, frames

Since antiquity, the desire to decorate the room where you live or spend time has come to the modern world. Primitive people painted the walls of their caves. Usually they drawn a variety of hunting scenes and ritual motifs – often animals were depicted. With the development of civilization the basic artistic principles of painting were developed as well. Religion had a great influence and authors had to follow strict canons since then. Later the ancient Greek art of light and shade came, which allowed to fill a work of a complex art. The conquering nature of politics led to the intertwining of the artistic traditions of different peoples. Facades of houses and public institutions began to be decorated with colorful signs. Also with the help of paintings it is possible to achieve the visual expansion of the interior space of the room and to highlight the central place of the wall. You can find three-dimensional paintings and frames in practically any style on our site. You can download them completely free of any charge. We upload the files in the most popular formats, which are compatible with modern and popular rendering applications. File formats are: BLEND, MAX, OBJ, FBX and other. Work with downloaded models can be in programs such as Maya, Vray, Corona, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.

Download 3D models of paintings and frames

In the interior of the modern house paintings perform many functions. They do:

  • Decorate and give personality to this very premise.
  • Create a special atmosphere and give comfort.
  • Form the emotional background of the room and fill it with positive vibes.
  • Give a possibility to manipulate the space.
  • Help to unite and complete the design of the room.
  • Emphasize and strengthen the chosen style.
  • Bring an element of luxury into the interior.

All of the above is an essential part of creating a good 3D interior. When you create a model from scratch (or download it from our website) pay attention to all these aspects.

Choosing a picture for the wall for the interior is also depends on the style and functionality of the room. When choosing a work of art, you need to consider the plot, style of writing, color scheme and, after all, a size of the object. A beautiful painting, hung in the hall or another room, will reveal the individuality of the interior. It will help you to create a spectacular combination of several styles.

Speaking of styles, this category contains a wide variety of content. You will be able to find paintings made in the following art styles:

  • antique;
  • gothic;
  • classical;
  • baroque;
  • rococo;
  • empire;
  • art nouveau;
  • constructivism;
  • art deco;
  • conservatism;
  • romanticism;
  • pop art;
  • minimalism;
  • neoclassic;
  • postmodernism;
  • brutalism;
  • countryside;
  • kitsch;
  • high-tech;
  • ethnic.

This is not the whole list, but only the main areas.

Decorative painting in a room in any style can favorably change the perception of the entire interior, visually vary the proportions of the premise. Also this kind of art is quite capable of becoming the focal point of the room and draw all the attention to itself. In large rooms it is better to place big paintings in thick frames. Smaller rooms are better suited for more elegant images framed in the thin ones.

To successfully choose a place for a picturesque composition in the house or apartment, it is necessary to observe certain rules that allow you to fit it harmoniously into the overall interior. Paintings in the interior of the living room above the sofa allow you to effectively fill out the free wall and give the interior an overall highlight. Pay attention to these simple tips when you will be creating a three-dimensional interior with our pictures and frames!