In this section of our catalogue, you can find various types of 3D models, in one way or another related to military subjects. Here you will find mostly battle tanks (both Soviet models, as well as Western ones - T-80, T-90, Abrams, Leopard and others). By the way! We have in our catalogue not only real 3D meshes of modern and vintage military vehicles. There are also fantastic examples, which are perfect if you plan to create your own video game. You can download all our 3D models absolutely for free and without registration. They are made in popular FBX, OBJ, MAX and BLEND formats so you can work with them in such rendering applications as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. But you still may register on our website and add it to your browser bookmarks to get access to new and fresh content all the time!

Download 3D models of military vehicles

Military equipment is the technical means available to armed forces to support their combat operations and day-to-day operations. It is designed to support and conduct combat operations as well as to train troops.

Unfortunately, one of the main impulses for the development of existing technology and the creation of new technology has been war. Every military conflict has given a powerful impetus to the development of armaments, but the greatest contribution has been made by the military conflicts of the 20th century. Many of the solutions pioneered in military technology and weaponry later find application in civilian life. The opposing sides entered the First World War with rifles and horses. Only a few years later, completely new war machinery – tanks, armored personnel carriers of various types, began to be used at the wars.

Actually, in this subcategory of our site you can find various 3D meshes of military equipment – really participated in conflicts, or simply fictional. Basically, this section of our catalogue consists of ground fighting vehicles such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, howitzers and etc. Armored vehicles are fighting vehicles on wheels or caterpillar chassis. That is, all military vehicles that are based on them or designed to support them. Models in this category are equally suited for recreating a design project in a World War I, World War II or any other modern conflict setting. It is definitely a good idea to use these meshes when creating an FPS or strategy video game.