Ground textures

A texture depicting earth, soil and ground will be an integral part of a design project with nature vibes. They are perfect for the professional illustrator as well as the beginner. The idea behind these textures is not just a picture to fill the background. You can also use them when making a video game, for example. Our collection of seamless images shows all the realism and beauty of nature. You can recreate this very beauty as wallpaper or layouts for various projects. A set of ground textures is needed in the design of graphics related to nature, cataclysms and weather. For example, in the design of design projects dealing with drought, earthquakes, landslides and other components. All content for download on our website is available free of charge. You will not even need to register. Moreover, each file has been created by professionals. You will not find any malware or viruses in them because we thoroughly check all of our materials for their absence. These files are available in JPG format, so you can easily modify them (of course, if you have the skills) in applications like Photoshop, 3ds Max, Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. Add our site to your browser bookmarks to not miss all the latest updates!

Free download seamless ground PBR textures

Soil, ground and other textures are very important for creating a design art project with a garden and agricultural theme. You can also use these JPG and PNG images in 2K, 4K and 8K resolution as a background for garden blogs. The texture is useful for those who are developing web-projects about agriculture, or who advertise agricultural products. There are a really large number of uses for these textures – In fact, everything is limited only by your imagination. With the texture of earth, for example, you can recreate a setting that will indicate high crop yields and an abundance of nutrients in the soil. All of the images in our catalogue you can easily download and open in any graphics editor that supports the PBR format.

Of course, earth is not the only texture you will find in our catalogue. You will also find clay, silt, sand and loam. By far the most interesting soil texture from the whole list is loam soil, as it is worked out down to the very last detail – and all thanks to its rich, dark color and nature. All this gives a huge scope for working on such textures.

So, you can find the following free soil textures in our catalogue to help recreate the perfect landscape in a design project, or maybe even an entire and unique garden concept:

  • Cracked clay.
  • Rocky soil – this texture is designed to reflect the depth and heterogeneity of the surface.
  • Cracked grey soil is perfect for a design project like a tomb, cellar or cave. It also looks good on projects that have a disaster, earthquake or natural disaster theme. It adds realism and impact to the design.
  • Dry brown soil.
  • Mud.
  • Forest soil with leaves or fallen branches.
  • Colored soil.
  • Sand.
  • Grass

And so on. All of these textures present the earth in a variety of colors, from which you can choose in order to bring your own (even the most daring) design idea to life.