The question of kitchen decor baffles people who do a 3D architectural design of a room. If you are working on a small room, you should try to make the best use of every square meter of space. It would be a big mistake to ignore the surfaces of some of the furniture (shelves, tables) and not to arrange the various utensils on them. The trick is to put everything you need in the smallest of spaces, leaving lots of space for decorative objects that give your kitchen interior a bit of style, personality and coziness. And that's the kind of stuff you'll find in this category. Here you will find a variety of kitchen utensils 3d models in the popular and sought-after OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND, etc. formats. You can use them to create an architectural project in Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Vray, Corona or other applications. By the way, you can download all our content absolutely free. You do not even need to register.

Download realistic Hi-Poly 3D models of tableware

As a rule, in a small kitchen, the most suitable and free place for decoration is a corner or wall above the dining table. There you can place the models of kitchen utensils downloaded from us.

Choose any theme for decoration!

But personally, we recommend decorating the room, associating it with the theme of food and drinks. We have 3D models that can perfectly harmonize with this style and give the room the right vibe. You can also improve the atmosphere of the room by arranging some interesting picture with our cutlery. You can open a rendering application and place kitchen utensils there in the shape of, for example, a flower. Or some fruit.

In this section of our catalog, you can also find a large number of antique tableware that will perfectly fit into the interior of a classic or simply expensive style. It would seem that such an ordinary thing as cutlery also requires attention. In this case, each person relies on his own taste. But some do not even think about the variety of these items, that an ordinary spoon can cheer you up in the morning. Our designers are well aware of this, so they focus on such things. On our site you can easily find 3D meshes of kitchen utensils and cutlery in an interesting role. For example, in our catalog there is a model of a spoon, a knife and a plate, and on this very plate there is a towel in the shape of a shirt.

It turns out interesting!

Since childhood, we have been accustomed to seeing ordinary steel appliances at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as you have seen, our catalog shows various options for cutlery sets. With them, you can add coziness to any of your interior projects.