3D watercrafts models are subject to requirements on composition, geometry, content (attributes) in accordance with the regulatory framework to support the creation of working design documentation and production. Our 3D meshes are anatomically accurate as they are made by professionals. They correspond to their real-world counterparts, so you can use them in any design project you wish. It's almost impossible to imagine an architectural project of a river, lake or ocean without watercrafts. We are here to make it easy for you to create your own project, so take a look at our 3D models. They are in popular, modern formats MAX, BLEND, OBJ, FBX, so you can use them in any modern rendering application like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. By the way, you can download all the content from our site for free! And you do not even need to register. This is a great opportunity to get a couple of adequate models to implement your most challenging design or gaming projects.

Download 3D models of watercrafts, ships

Water transport has been beckoning for a long time. Many people have had an interest in ships since childhood. As they get older, it often turns into either a profession or a hobby for collecting model ships, or into an interest in their species and technical characteristics. If you include yourself in one of these categories, our resource can make a contribution, because you can download 3D models of modern ships, as well as historical ships.

Watercrafts are various types of equipment designed to move people and goods on water and to conduct river and sea fishing. This is a generic term. Besides above-water boats, there are also submarines for specific purposes.

In general, the following 3D watercrafts models are available on our website:

  • Small boats – the common name for yachts, launches, boats and other watercrafts. This term covers all types of floating crafts, which maximum length is less than 20 meters. It also limits to 12 the number of passengers that can be on such a vessel at the same time. Our designers have taken this into account when creating the models.
  • Speedboat – it is a kind of a vessel or ship of small dimensions. It differs from other vessels in that a boat is permanently fitted with a heavy-duty engine.
  • Gondola – a gondola is a rowing boat traditionally used for travelling in Venice. It is a boat designed for this purpose and not used anywhere else. The gondola is steered by an oar; there is no provision for a motor. You can find 3D models of the gondola on our website. They are perfect for re-creating a design project of the narrow and beautiful streets of Venice.
  • Aqua bikes – aqua bikes are the type of transport for sport purposes only.
  • Submarines – submarines are a special class of vessels capable of sailing underwater while remaining undetected. Some series of submarines carry tactical and strategic missiles and are used in military applications. If you are busy creating a military design project, adding submarines (in some cases) to a nearby.