Plaster, stucco textures

In this subsection of our website, you can find decorative seamless plaster textures. They are a great option for the designer. Of course, you will rarely use such textures in, for example, video games, but as part of the creation Plaster textures are a great option for the designer. You can download them from us completely free of charge and without registration. They are available in JPG, PNG, PBR formats in 4K and 8K resolution. You can interact with them using such modern and up-to-date utilities for rendering and creating 2D, 3D material like Substance Designer, 3D-Coat, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. Add our website to your bookmarks so you won't miss the newest and freshest content!

Free download seamless plaster / stucco PBR textures

Due to the fact that the plaster texture has no intrinsic meaning, it can play well for the layout of various printing products. It can be an advertising background, a calendar background or a notepad background. Possibly for filling in outlines or finishing the borders of the main information component. Here, as before, everything is largely limited only by your imagination and your fantasy.

Textures from our catalogue are widely used in work with 3D programs. Let's take a closer look at the items you will find on our website. We'll also look at which stucco and plaster textures would be best used in your design projects.

Stucco is first and foremost a common finishing material that is used to cover interior and exterior surfaces. It is made of gypsum, alabaster and/or a mixture. Here you will find textures of both ordinary and special decorative plaster. If you want to be specific about the textures in our catalogue, you can browse and download:

  • colored plaster;
  • stone plaster;
  • Venetian plaster;

Of course, the most popular and popular type of stucco is undoubtedly Venetian one. It creates an imitation of natural marble. If you are an appreciator of classic style, then you should definitely give preference to this type of plaster. With its help, you can formalize your interior design project with a certain aesthetic expressiveness. But that is not all. You can also use the textures of the plaster to fill in various objects in the interior with it. Columns, for example.

Depending on the plaster application technique and the presence of various mineral components, you can create a huge variety of effects. On our website you can find such exotic plaster textures:

  • with marble elements;
  • with stone elements;
  • with plenty of decorative cracks represented as the elements.

Each image in our collection is available for download in JPG and PNG format. Use them however you want!