3D Characters

Games have a long history and occupy a special, like even necessary place in human’s life. Elements of play are present in human life from early childhood to old age. At any stage of life's journey different entertainments take on a meaning. For children games are primarily a way of learning a basic life’s things. They are coming up as the assistant in the formation of personality. For adults games are no less important, but all titles in the world are based primarily on emotions evoke. In today's world video games have a special meaning, becoming an integral part of our everyday life, an emotional component along with learning and work. With the development of computer technology, the demands of gamers keep constantly growing. For example, needs for the graphical components – It directly reflects the quality of the game, namely characters, the creation of which are engaged 3D artists, game designers and developers.

Free download сharacter 3D models: people, animals, creatures

Nowadays there is a great number of 3D artists on the game industry market, both amateurs and professionals. They haven many presentation projects of game models, the purpose of which is to promote authorship, personal creativity, design abilities and to sell products. With the development of technology, the number of 3D artists and their products is growing noticeably, and the issue of market oversaturation is becoming acute.

In this section you may find various 3D character models. Here we have collected three-dimensional meshes of people, cartoon characters, monsters and toys. You can choose any particular model and download it for free. In case if you need a model of a human (woman, man, child, old man) or you are just interested in 3D anatomy (we do have brain, skeleton, heart, skull, hand, leg or head models as well) you may easily find something for yourself.

There are also plenty of anime 3D models, as well as meshes of other cartoon characters. Various monsters, aliens, orcs, fairies, elves, ghosts, demons, angels and other fabulous and fantasy creatures can be found in this very category.

Here you can find various 3D animal models. You can do this by going to a separate subcategory called "Animals". There will be bags of both domestic and wild animals, so if you were looking for a cat, dog, cow, goat, horse, pig, etc. for your project, you are definitely in the right place at the right time.

If you've ever thought about making your own game, now is the perfect time. Thanks to our three-dimensional, professional models, you can definitely make a good project by using them. They are all presented in high resolution. You can open them with almost any graphics editor – all thanks to the OBJ and FBX file format. If you can do Blender, this will be even more convenient and profitable for you. If you like one or another three-dimensional model as a whole, but do not like a particular part of it, you can easily fix it yourself. Unlike creating a mesh from scratch, you don't need any serious knowledge of graphic design just to correct something you do not really like. See for yourself, download the models from our site!

Please note that all 3D models on our site not only have detailed preview, but also have expanded specifications. When publishing the model authors necessarily indicate renderer, exact version of a 3D editor and geometry sculpt. Thanks to all this, you already know whether this very model suits you or not – just by looking at the preview. All models were made with usage of modern applications like Corona, Vray or Max by Autodesk. You can download files absolutely for free in OBJ and FBX formats.

If you are the author of 3D models of people, cartoon characters, monsters, toys and want to show other your creativity – contact us!