Floor lamp

Every home should have a corner where there will be semi-darkness. There should be a soft and cosy armchair next to a small table as well. In such a place you can fully relax after a hard day's work. The only way to create an intimate, crepuscular ambience is with special lighting. A simple floor lamp will be the best solution. In this category you can download various 3D models of floor lamps in the most popular formats FBX, OBJ, MAX and BLEND. They are fully compatible with practical and advanced 3D rendering tools such as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc. You can download all the content completely free of charge and without registration.

Download 3D models of floor lamps

Traditionally, floor lamps in the interior of a room should light up a small space just in one meter above. This is enough to comfortably flick through a magazine or a book while sitting in an armchair. The rest of the light should be switched off. This amount of twilight allows eyes to get well-rested. Well, it will be also still enough to do other things – read something, for example. There are also some designs that can easily replace an entire chandelier. They look like the stand, completed by a plafond, but directed either to the ceiling or to the wall. The light beam bounces off the surface and floods the whole room.

On our website you can find various floor lamp models for almost any interior design project. Here are just some of the floor lamp types you can find in our catalogue:

  • Loft;
  • Neoclassic;
  • Boho and Rustic;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Minimalism;
  • High-tech.

There is probably only one piece of advice for installing a floor lamp in an interior, but, nevertheless, it is very important. Just try to install the 3D model in such a way so that there will be enough light to cover several seating areas. Check out our website for a lamp that have several bulbs at once. In this way, you can create more ambient light as the innovative design will add some kind of high-tech flair.

Feel free to download and experiment!