Outdoor lighting

Modern landscaping is impossible without lighting. Façade lights are the best method of architectural illumination of a building. They are functional and feature a wide range of designs. This makes them very much in demand when it comes to creating a beautiful and harmonious exterior project. On our website you can find many street light 3d models to recreate almost any architectural idea. We have both simple street options that are suitable if you're going to do a street in a rendering application, and sleek fixtures that are more suited to furnishing the backyard of a luxury cottage. All the content on our website is uploaded in OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND formats so that you can use it in applications like Vray, Corona, 3ds Autodesk Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. All absolutely free and without registration!

Download 3D models of outdoor lightings

The street lighting of a garden or country house is a popular way to improve the area, which can simultaneously solve a number of diverse tasks. The main and most important purpose of functional lighting with lanterns is to ensure comfortable and safe movement around the plot. Also, façade lights are often used instead of lanterns. They are street lights that illuminate the outside of the house and the property. Depending on the type, they can be multifunctional and differ in principle. Priority is given to devices that accentuate the particular style of the interior while illuminating the desired area to the required extent. In addition, they should look harmoniously in the landscape design. Creators of 3D models for our website are well aware of this, so they try to make all the mesh with anatomic accuracy and in accordance with the real models of lighting.

If you decide to undertake an architectural exterior design project, you should choose lighting fixtures with their purpose in mind first of all. For landscaping in the built-up area, recessed and fixed light sources can be used extensively. For landscape lighting of an empty area it is advisable to choose sources on vertical poles. Or lights, which in our catalogue is also a great many.

No matter how good the garden or outdoor landscape in the 3D version would be, since back in reality everything will look completely different, because it will no longer needed to look at it from a bird's eye view, or from different angles of the camera. You will now see the realised project just from the height if yourself. Often, some elements will not be so bright – the overall perception of the picture changes. At dusk, that very same area can even appear unpleasant, intimidating or repulsive. That is why you should pay special attention to lighting design. Our luminaires are designed so as not to disturb the harmony of the overall exterior.