The chair is an essential attribute of the interior of the room. The right choice of it depends on your own preferences, the interior of the room, and on the color scheme. Correctly chosen chair is a pledge of excellent mood and harmonious comfort, and it should be taken into account when creating an architectural 3D project. In our catalog you can find various furniture with different designs in popular formats, which are commonly used in rendering applications such as Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Vray, Corona, Autodesk's 3ds Max and others. These formats are BLEND, OBJ, FBX, etc., respectively. You can download chair 3d-models from our site for free and without registration.

3D models of chairs – free download

There are several types of chairs:

  • One-pieced – designed for the hall and living room mostly. As a rule, there is no disassembly provided, but the strength and reliability of these chairs are really good;
  • Folded – they are designed mostly for a small living rooms;
  • Collapsed – designed for the kitchen, loggias and other rooms where the presence of chairs is not necessary and in case if there are some, they most likely are of a decorative nature.
  • Bar – best for guests and for recreating an unusual atmosphere.

It is not really important if you are scrolling through our catalog or already working on three-dimensional architectural project, remember that everything must be in harmony. The shape of any chair is inextricably linked to the stylistics. That is why in no case chairs with metal base should be used in classical interiors and respectively Viennese chairs and arm-chairs will not suit to modern style.

There are an infinite number of styles in which chairs can be made. Almost always they overlap with the styles of the design itself, but they can all be divided into three main categories (that modern designers work with, without considering some unique author's designs). In our catalog, you can find chairs of:

  • 21st century (modern or high-tech);
  • Business design – strict and neat;
  • Rococo;
  • Baroque.

In fact, this is a small part. To view all the meshes, scroll through the section you are currently in. Our content is constantly being updated, so you are sure to find something interesting any way.