Floral arrangements are just perfect for decorating the living room, dining room, bedroom and even the bathroom. If you are planning to create a 3D interior design, you can use various bouquets to breathe life into the room and create a special and unforgettable atmosphere. You can find many 3d-models bouquets of real flowers on our website. Three-dimensional meshes of chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, eucalyptus, buttercups, snowdrops and even whole flower sets are all available in our catalogue. All the content on our site is presented in OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND format, so you can download it and use in most popular rendering tools like Blender, 3ds Autodesk Max, Maya, Vray, Corona, Cinema 4D, etc. By the way, all the content on our website is available for free and without registration.

Download 3D models of bouquets

The key themes of floral trends in recent years are minimalism, practical solutions, and a calm, romantic palette. There are fewer bulky bouquets in interiors with each next year appears. Designers prefer monochrome and simplicity when it comes to creating architectural interior projects. Practical and long-lasting compositions of dried flowers, herbs and artificial plants are frequently becoming favourites. At our website, you will find lots of 3D flower designs to suit all tastes and colours, which can be used to create and decorate all kinds of premises.

If you do not want to reinvent the wheel, put a medium-sized vase with a bouquet of flowers on any surface. For example, a coffee table, a desk in the living room or a bedside table in the bedroom.

In the kitchen, a bouquet placed on the countertop would look beautiful. It will add life to the interior and immediately make the corner cosier. Although the more usual arrangement of the bouquet is on the table. But sometimes it is possible to move away from the standards.

It is better to start from the room in which the flower composition will stand. A bedroom, for example, is not usually overloaded with floral decorations. This room is made for rest and relaxation, so it is a definitely a good idea to place some flowers here. A bouquet of lavender or jasmine would be sufficient. By the way, 3D models of them can also be found in this category!

Flowers are probably the easiest and most affordable way to decorate a flat. They perfectly fit into any interior, and if at least one floral composition will be present in the interior design, it can already be considered a winning project.

There is no place in the house where fresh flowers would look out of place. In the living room, they look good on the coffee table, on the TV side-table, on corner posts and shelving units. In the dining room and kitchen, a beautiful bouquet will decorate the dining table and create a festive mood. In the bedroom and children's room – fresh flowers on the bedside table will create a great mood. In hallways and corridors, floral arrangements create a positive atmosphere at the entrance to flat or house. And last but not least is the bathroom. Why not place a flower or two here? They will liven up and refresh the interior of the premise – no doubts.