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In this catalogue on our website, you can find various realistic car 3d models that you can use for your design project. Or to create a game - It's up to you! As a rule, these are highly detailed three-dimensional copies of real popular cars: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet, Dodge and other brands. The models correspond to the exact size and proportions of the original vehicles. All 3D meshes on our website are in popular formats FBX, OBJ, MAX, BLEND, so you can download them and edit (if needed) in popular rendering applications like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others. You can use our content on the website completely free of charge and without registration.

Download realistic 3D models of cars and other land vehicles

This direction is one of the most popular in 3D graphics. It takes a great deal of time to build a car model. It involves studying the drawings, drawing the details with all the proportions, texturing and setting up the materials.

Why bother designing from scratch when you can select creative materials and customize them for your own needs? Thanks to this section of our catalogue, this task has become much easier. All you have to do is download the model you are interested in and modify it as you wish.

Creating a proper 3D model of a car is a costly undertaking, and far from quick. If the design is unsuccessful or flawed, you could end up with an unsatisfactory result, wasting a fair amount of money and time. This is where our 3D meshes of vehicles come in. Once you have a high-quality vehicle model, the designer can simulate any tuning element and provide a visualization of how it would look already on the vehicle, allowing you to immediately assess the possible appearance. This is especially true if plans include the implementation of this car project.

So as not to jeopardize or damage your beloved motor vehicle, it is possible to realize your dreams virtually. Using models from our catalogue, you have at your disposal a huge scope for tuning this or that car model with the help of popular rendering programs. You can see the final result of what the car will look like, spending a relatively small amount of time. You do not have to build a 3D model of the car from scratch if you want to see how it will look like after tuning, because you can download the mesh for free from our website. Just run Vray, Corona or Blender and do whatever you want with the downloaded model.

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