Faucet, mixer

Choosing a faucet for the bathroom or kitchen to incorporate into the architectural design is quite a demanding task. You have to pay attention not only to the style of the faucet and its texture, but also to its dimensions. On our website, you can find a variety of mixer taps and faucets to suit all tastes. You can download all 3d models absolutely free of charge and without registration. It is made in today's popular formats OBJ, FBX, MAX, BLEND, so if you want you can use such programs as Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and give the 3D model that look exactly the way you want by changing its texture, size or any other parameter.

Download 3D models of faucets and mixers

The faucet is another detail that can be a striking accent in a bathroom or kitchen. Whether the shape, material, design or water flow is unconventional, a proper model can be found to suit all design ideas. The right faucet is a prerequisite for a beautiful bathroom or kitchen interior. Every style creates its own atmosphere and expresses a person's inner world. When creating a bathroom or kitchen design, different colours, textures and shapes of faucets are used. The wide range of mixers is not accidental, because they are always should be chosen with convenience and aesthetics in mind. Attention to these details helps to create a complete look in any interior.

It is easy to choose a product if the case is a colour. The only thing you need to consider is the shape of the whole room and all the other details such as lamps, door handles, shelves and tiles. The following popular colours are used when creating 3D models of faucets and mixers:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • sky-blue;
  • pink.

By the way, white is a neutral colour in relation to others, but is sometimes used as a contrast one. It gives a fresh and unpretentious look. Black is preferred for loft and minimalist interiors. A room design with natural textures usage (such as wood or stone) would also be a good underlay for this very colour scheme. Faucets in bright colours are far less common. Well, nevertheless, it is yet difficult to find a black faucet in some rooms as well. Red is most suited for daring interior solutions since it looks contrasting to the whole room's decor. You can combine such colour with cooler shades like silver or blue.

You can easily find 3D models of faucets and mixers of all these colours and many others on our website – right in this section of the catalogue!