Cinema 4D addons

Plugins and scripts are such useful tools that make working in Cinema 4D easier. In some cases, you can't do without them if you want to make a really high-quality and cool project. On our site you can find a variety of addons for Cinema 4D, or to be more precise, various plugins like GreyscaleGorilla, Arnold render, Nitro4D, U-Render, Vray and more. You can download absolutely all the content for free - you don't need to register. Also, our site is constantly updated, so if a plugin does not work for you, you can add this page to your browser bookmarks and wait - soon we will add new tools, which will definitely help you this time.

Download professional add-ons and plug-ins for Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D includes a huge number of features that allow you to bring any idea to life. But sometimes the creation of the desired effect or model takes a lot of time, which is very inconvenient. Simplify the task of creating objects can be using addons, that is small additions to the main program Cinema 4D.

If we talk about what addons are for Cinema 4D, they are divided into plugins, scripts and models.

What addons can be found in our catalog?


This plugin is created to animate destruction effects. It's easy enough to use, so that even Cinema 4D beginners will have no problem using it. Thrausi features a wide range of demolition parameters, which can be left as random or fine-tuned.

E-ON Ozone

This plugin is primarily focused on creating effects of various atmospheric and natural phenomena. You can use it to add effects of rain, snow, clouds, etc. to your project. With E-ON Ozone you can adjust not only the weather, but also the time of day. This addon is great for novice designers because it has many ready-made templates that, if needed, you can customize and customize.

The benefits of this truly must-have plugin does not end there. Its developers foresaw that creation of weather effects can strongly load the GPU, that's why they also added rendering calculation algorithms, which reduces the load on the GPU as much as possible.

Turbulence FD

It's time to play big. Turbulence FD, unlike the previous two plugins, was developed mostly for professional needs. First of all it is needed for making VFX, namely fire, smoke and dust effects. It can also be used to simulate explosions and some other atmospheric phenomena.

Turbulence FD allows you to really fine-tune all the VFX. You can even set the temperature, set the strength of the flames, etc.

And what's cool is that you can apply all the VFX together and see what comes out of it.

Turbulence FD allows you to smoothly work not only with effects, but also with solid objects to get a real impact effect, combustion, blast wave, resolution. Since the rendering of such effects is very complex, the settings of this add-on include a function to change the algorithms. You can also select the video card to be used for the calculations - just in case you have more than one.

Ivy Grower

Ivy Grower allows you to add vegetation object templates to your project. For example, you can set up rapid grass growth, immersive leaf movement, etc. A wide range of customization is available in this plugin, so you can customize this add-on however you want.


Rockgen is a simple but very useful plugin. Its main task is to apply a realistic rock texture to an object, and the most remarkable thing is that this rock texture will be applied correctly to an object of any size and shape. Rockgen has a wide range of customization options.

All of the above addons for Cinema 4D are used most often, but there are many other interesting addons that you can also find on our site. Many of them will also be suitable for quite local projects, and most importantly - you can get each of them for free.