Sports, entertainment

Need a 3D model of a simulator, sports equipment or playground? All this you will find in the section of our website dedicated to sport. You can download any 3D mesh for free. Please note that all models on our site have detailed specifications and preview. This is done for convenience: you will know exactly, whether the selected model is suitable for you by all parameters. Just choose a model, click on its preview and you'll get to the page devoted to it. There you can also download it. All the 3D meshes on our website are made by professionals in FBX, OBJ, MAX and BLEND formats. You can download them for free and without registration, and then use them to create your own architectural, interior or exterior designs. If you own a rendering application like Vray, Corona, Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, you can refine all these meshes yourself, that is, customize them. We invite designers to post their work on our site.

Download 3D models of sports and entertainment

Fitness and sports equipment is usually the last thing one wants to see in their dream interior. This is despite the fact that work, leisure and sporting activities have already moved into many people's homes. We are well aware of this, which is why our designers have tried their best to create fitness models, simulators, balls, dumbbells, weights, bars, gymnastic walls, chess, boxing, football, golf, billiards, hockey, baseball and tennis so that they fit perfectly into both interior and exterior architectural designs.

However, it should be noted that it is not uncommon to choose a particular theme when decorating a room. Special objects and decorations are used in order to underline the chosen motif. The interior design of sports interiors deserves special attention. This original design could also be used in living rooms and other areas. But you have to approach the interior design process with a certain sensitivity, otherwise you could ruin everything. If you decide to take 3D meshes in the form of balls, skis, golf balls or tennis balls from our catalogue, then use surfaces other than the floor as much as possible to relieve the space in your interior design. Every square meter of a project has to be implemented wisely. You can go to our other subsections and choose from there 3D models of various hooks, fixtures, shelves, organizers etc. You can use them to store dumbbells, training discs, skipping ropes, balls, bars and so on. Also, a good solution to diversify or decorate the interior is to put there a special mat for yoga. You can also find it in a catalogue of our site. By the way, an ordinary shelf will do for its placement – just attach the mat under it with a couple of wide slings.