Rock & stone textures

The stone texture is seamlessly applied for a variety of purposes, be it to create a video game or some kind of design project. You can download stone textures and gems on our website completely free of charge and without registration. All content is available in 2K-8K resolution. It has been made by professionals and checked for viruses and malware. All the pictures are uploaded in PNG and JPG format so you can use them in applications like Substance Designer, Substance Painter, 3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D and others.

Download HQ rock and stone PBR textures

Stone textures are used in design projects to improve the appearance of the picture. With a seamless background, the photo becomes as realistic and attractive as possible. In this catalogue you will find free seamless textures for various rendering applications. Such textures include stones, gravel, gems, etc.

If you are planning to create a design project for a house or adjacent garden plot, you will definitely need stone textures.

But now let's get a little specific. You can find the following types of stone textures on our website:

  • Stone brick - this masonry stone pattern comes in handy for personal building and design projects.
  • Cracked stone is one of the favorites among all the textures we have in our catalogue. Usually, such textures are used in visualization of natural disasters and to recreate some game locations. They can also be used to create the look of a variety of different backgrounds.
  • Dark Gravel is an impressive texture that comes in handy for all designers and architects.
  • Multicolored, gemstone textures are great if you're going to design a jewelry store. You will be able to place these textures there.

Do you want to download seamless stone textures for Photoshop completely free? If so, our website is the place where you can do it quickly and with almost no extra effort. There is a really wide variety of content in our catalogue. You will be able to see bright brown, black, dark and white stones. These stone textures for can be used as universal backgrounds, but still the success of the design depends on the creator. So do not miss out on the opportunity to wow your audience with extraordinary designs.

The texture of a stone has a crucial influence on its appearance. Some interiors call for complex marble lines, others for a calm, homogenous surface. Be sure to consider these aspects when designing your art project or video game. If you do it right, you will get a very advantageous combination that will leave no one indifferent – neither you, as the creator, nor the client, as the client (if any).